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I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience.

Together, let's create a Radiant Future !

Let's find again the meaning of the true Life, sound, simple and free from all artificial problems.


Such is the oppurtunity brought to you by salvation of humans, and it's highly probable that you are among those who aspire to it !

Of course when you look at the present world situation that seems to be wanted by crazy people - as well as maybe your own life and it's pressures -, you might think that this aim is irrealistic, and indeed it would be for a small group of isolated people.

But you already aren't alone anymore, since this website has been created with the aim of helping you, and because it's ideas unite an always growing number of people from all nationalities and origins: since 2002 we had more than one million visits.

However, so that this great uniting can bear fruit in the future, one should clarify - even shortly - the Spirit that inspires it and it's way of functionning that applies altogether to four levels.

The four actions of salvation-of-humans


At the spiritual level

You must, if you weren't already, be convinced, that all that exists creates in some dimension of the univers some kind of "creode" or matrix, proportional to it's presence or it's repetition. Each "creode" exerts a selective influence by "resonance", so that the more it's "deep", the more it influences and attracts to it the shapes, behaviors, knowledge, thoughts, and emotions, analogue to it's own nature. Thus each of us participates - mostly unconsciously, but also sometimes consciously - to the constant developement of what it's agreed to call Humanity's Psychosphere, but also of our mother Earth and the Univers It self. To use a more simple language let's say that we are continuously the co-creators of our Future.

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Ici un lien sur les pouvoirs de l'esprit humain

But currently humanity's "creode" is extremely dark, because a neurotic caste - that cultivates the FEAR as a means of governing the world - inspired the wrong idea that the Apocalypse would be imminent and inevitable.

The TRAP is particularly dangerous because it places humans in front of fake alternatives that - all of them - condemn them to impotence.

Indeed, either:

It sinks humans in the idea of having to abandon fighting too powerful opponents.

Which is false because the power of our opponents is only based on the unawareness of our individual Power.

It diverts their energies towards the prayer and wild hopes in invisible forces allegedly benevolent.

Which is false because "what's above is like what's below". These beliefs suck our lifeblood, and to say the least deprives us from our own identity, therefore from our autonomy.

It inculcates the idea that "friendship towards the world would be animosity against God", and thus reinforces the existing gap between Man end Nature.

Which is false because how the benevolence towards our planet that is itself a bit of the Mother-Source of all things could-it be animosity against it ? We must not mix up sensory attachment to the world and benevolence for it.

It inculcates the idea that the "evil" can be defeated by fighting it's effects, such as drugs or crime, etc ...

Which is false because the "evil" can only be defeated by a progress towards the good, that is to say first and foremost ALSO fought in it's causes that lie only in wrong beliefs and ways of thinking. Which implies a complete overhaul of the basis of Education and Law. Incidentally, to fight against the G.M.Os, or whatever else, WITHOUT DE THEIR CAUSE is better than nothing, certainly, but nevertheless bound to impotence by itself.

Thus ALL the solutions currently suggested - may they have "Material" or "Spiritual" natures - lead Humanity to a deadlock. (To say the least because actually the powers of the Religious, New Age, Financials and Captains of Industry - all "hand in hand" and all tendencies taken together - lead us to an abyss.)

Read the full text about the deception of the spiritual powers, click the picture below.

Ici un lien vers l'analyse de la fraude à la spiritualité.
In conclusion, if enough humans unite themselves around a strong Will (of emotional source that must be unified and devoid of all doubt) to return to harmonious living conditions, by the only fact of the influence thus created on the Psychosphere, this return can only happen.

At the behavior level

Many tend to become discouraged in view of the extent of the problems, which is conceivable, but does not take in account three eminently important facts :

1° In many places a kind of democracy remains, so there where it's still possible, all political choices must be towards the candidates qui that advocate the respect of all forms of human and non-human life, and showing by their acts a true will to stop our planet's devastation.

2° Every purchase, every spending, is a vote that - if our habits change overwhelmingly - will inevitably improve the whole of the economical and political systems. The first thing to change, even more urgent than decreasing the use of fossile fuel, being our way of feeding.

3° It is possible to stop the waste, which implies wise purchasing choices and the return to a simple way of life.

Read the full text about the foods by clicking the picture below.

In conclusion if enough humans change their consumer and elector behaviors the current tendency to self-destruction can be reversed.

At the political level

We gave as objective to obtain international authorities the recognition of

Six basic Human Rights
The first is the acceptance of the Right for all People, and all individuals who ask for it, to have a free land or a piece of land at their disposal, for them to be able to meet their own needs by themselves, particularly food needs, freely and independently from any Industry.

The second is the acceptance of the Right for all People, and all individuals who ask for it, to have access to vital elements essential to the human survival: clear and wholesome air, water, food and natural; and free of any pollution (chemical, nuclear or electromagnetic).

The third is the acceptance for all People, and all the individuals, to have the Right to ask for the control, by organizations -independent from any government and pharmaceutical companies-, the composition of all injectable medicines or vaccines. And also the Right to refuse any compulsory injection of chemical or objects in the human body, if these products have not been submitted to the control mentioned above, and if the control did not detect any toxic molecule, or a component dangerous or dangerous for health.

The fourth is the acceptance for all People, and all the individuals to have the Absolute Right to refuse any compulsory introduction in the human body of any product or object composed with electronic or nano-technologic components.

The fifth is the acceptance of the Right for all the People, and all the individuals, to choose the way of living and type of medicine they want, as long as their choices do not obviously harm or wrong the other elements of the population.

The sixth is the acceptance of the Right to the Autonomy and Independence, for all People and all the individuals who ask for it, against states and/or collectivities that do not respect the Five Basic Human Rights mentioned above.

How only can it be that this needs to be said ?

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Ce pictogramme chinois se nomme Ji : le défi.

At the practical level

Do you feel like you are truly living ? If the answer is "no", here's the solution !

The Villages of Wholesome Life

Our aim is to create genuine small villages where life can be pleasant, healthy and autonomous. It concerns to create a viable alternative for all those who wish to change -or just experiment- a very new way of life, with absolutely no ideology.

We do not want to create a village to show something, such as a theory, or to live a special experience such as the new age communities suggest.

We simply want that people find a feeling of total well-being and can achieve to live the life they've always been dreaming about.

This - if everything is set - will be a reality in 2004.

Read the full text by clicking the picture below.

Cette peinture créée par un artiste Thaï inconnu illustre bien l'ambiance des villages traditionnels de son pays.

All this is eminently feasible IF humans overcome the selfishness that separates them.

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