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Chapter I - Presentation

Part 1: Why this website ?

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Part 2 : The Challenge - Join and Help us
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I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience.

Summary's charter, a simple challenge:

I - The 6 essential points to become aware.

II - The 6 human Basic Rights.

III - The 5 actions to carry out.

Salvation of Humans will be the Vector of these actions, why ?

Refuse the fate! Gather with the people who share your ideas.

An invitation to join us and reach these aims.

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Ji : the challenge

A Simple Challenge

Mankind is confronted by threats that we cannot underestimate. Humans are relatively aware of these threats, but the simple fact of being aware is not enough. Before the creation of this website, they were missing the clear vision that will help them to unite, like a hyphen between words.
From now on these two things exist, thanks to salvation-of-humans &
This is the reason why I tell you: "Support yourself by supporting this website".

The charter of salvation-of-humans is clear, simple and easy to memorize. Its aim, of a universal nature, is simply to stop the process of self-destruction that is at the present time, consuming the Earth. The second step will be to reverse this deadly process, and to create the favorable conditions to bring back a harmonious life for all People, as well as any living being on our planet, in the respect of their own diversity.

This action -which has become a priority due to the Nations' decay-, implies the union of a maximum of humans, beyond their cultural differences, regarding the following values:'s charter


I - The 6 essential points to become aware:

1st point The Earth has to be protected for Us, because our planet doesn't need to be "rescued". We can't go without it whereas it can easily do without us! Thus, simply because the Earth is not in danger in its root, in so far as it can make use of several million years materials to rebuild the quality of the ecosystems and the biodiversity that the mankind is destroying at the present time. Indeed, the humans should protect themselves from the consequences of their own actions, particularly the consequences of their ecological behavior.

2nd point We have to search and control the information by ourselves, since most of the public information is unreliable or fabricated. Humans have to understand that they are manipulated, not only by disinformation, but also through utopian information, which make humans hope they will become "trans-humans" who could acquire beauty, youthfulness, health, an extended life and powers of all kinds, by the means of techno-sciences. The only way to escape this state of brain-washing generated by the misinformation is to keep a critical sense, combined with a strong effort for the quest of the truth, and to learn.

3rd point Hope can only come from ourselves. This requires a lot of courage, because there is absolutely no hope, neither in the " World New Order", nor in those who manipulate these techno-sciences. People who are able to destroy our planet with such cynicism and ignorance, can't obviously be considered competent to manage the planet, neither they are able to develop a "trans-humanity", nor can be considered as friendly towards the People.

4th point Wisdom must be developed by ourselves and we must search for our "Christian" or "Buddhist" supra Conscience in ourselves, because humankind only suffers from a lack of knowledge, but not of a lack of "holy messengers", of whom there is an over abundance since more than 30 centuries! We must assert clearly that contrary to what they pretend, religions and their hold on the political powers, are at the origin of the topical situation, nevertheless excluding philosophies such as Buddhism or Taoism.

5th point Every solution has its root in ourselves, and nowhere else, since each of our actions reflects what we really are, and nothing else. Techno-sciences or the Industry are not an intrinsic danger by themselves. They became an obvious danger since they are manipulated by an infra-conscious humanity. The transformation of what we are now, to a state of Supra-consciousness must come from the root of ourselves: in our hearts and in our thoughts, and have to be orientated towards just thoughts from where harmonious intentions will spontaneously arise, and as a result conscious consumer behaviors.

6th Point "United we stand, divided we fall": to re-establish the fundamental human rights, which are violated in nearly all the countries -including western countries-, it's advisable, not to protest symbolically but to unite energetically and concretely around a clear synthesis erected on rational elements, to propose concrete ideas and alternative actions founded on verifiable knowledge, or reasonable hypothesis, acceptable by all. From now on, it exists and sens de la has been founded on these basis (by one person alone and deprived of material means but those necessary to this website creation).


Would you like to discover the basic human rights that still do not appear in the Human Rights?


II - The 6 basic Human Rights:

The first is the acceptance of the Right for all People, and all individuals who ask for it, to have a free land or a piece of land at their disposal, for them to be able to meet their own needs by themselves, particularly food needs, freely and independently from any Industry.

The second is the acceptance of the Right for all People, and all individuals who ask for it, to have access to vital elements essential to the human survival: clear and wholesome air, water, food and natural; and free of any pollution (chemical, nuclear or electromagnetic).

The third is the acceptance for all People, and all the individuals, to have the Right to ask for the control, by organizations -independent from any government and pharmaceutical companies-, the composition of all injectable medicines or vaccines. And also the Right to refuse any compulsory injection of chemical or objects in the human body, if these products have not been submitted to the control mentioned above, and if the control did not detect any toxic molecule, or a component dangerous or dangerous for health.

The fourth is the acceptance for all People, and all the individuals to have the Absolute Right to refuse any compulsory introduction in the human body of any product or object composed with electronic or nano-technologic components.

The fifth is the acceptance of the Right for all the People, and all the individuals, to choose the way of living and type of medicine they want, as long as their choices do not obviously harm or wrong the other elements of the population.

The sixth is the acceptance of the Right to the Autonomy and Independence, for all People and all the individuals who ask for it, against states and/or collectivities that do not respect the Five Basic Human Rights mentioned above.

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Would you like to estimate what would be possible to do?

III - The 5 actions to carry out:

1 Informing a maximum of humans, as quick as possible, about the dangers they are encuring and make our possible to make them understand that the concepts they created -religious, political or philosophic- are erroneous.

2 Promoting the just individual behaviours, particularly in terms of nutrition and consumption.

3 Influencing the masters of the world, who are attentive and enlightened, in the way of the real alternative ideas that are suggested in this website; These ideas can be used as basis for concrete political or economical actions, from the level where the decisions are made.

4 Obtaining from the worldwide political powers the acceptance and the application of the 6 basic Human Rights mentioned above.

5 Acting at any possible level to bring life back from the actual confusion, coming from the force and money connections, to a harmonious Order that will result of relations of Respect that have to be set up between every beings and every things.


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Would you like to think about the following text?


Sens de la Vie will be the Vector of these actions

As one of our readers said, Mr Frédéric M -Publishing Director of a magazine: "The quality of your website is highly precious, not sectarian, not dogmatic, not "new age" and not obscure. Such a quality is very rare on Internet".

With think, with no fake-modesty, that the success of sens de la -already read by hundreds of thousands people in less than two years- is the obvious evidence that our website is potentially able to realize the 5 actions mentioned above.

sens de la can do it, not only because of its high audience, but also because it is the at the present time the only popular media that, not only content with denouncing the effects and symptoms, it makes the people conscious that the real causes of degradation of the Man and World are essentially coming from a stereotyped and dual thought. This thought is as erroneous as it is old, which means in ourselves. The new way of thinking, balanced and non-duel that sens de la offers as an alternative, is a strong support to reach this common goal: changing the direction when it's still not too late and above all, letting a chance to the Man on the Earth!

To convince you, we simply invite you to discover this synthesis that is free of any religious or sectarian influences. We aim to set up the basis of an harmonious life founded on Respect and the values that will develop your UNLIMITED Human Potential.

Attentively reading it will transform you from inside, and should incite you to change your thoughts and behaviours. To those who think: "it is impossible to change the world or to change myself", I would like to simply answer that they are wrong; because aiming to improve the world -or ourselves- is realistic since, on the contrary, all our thoughts and all our behaviours (starting with the way we eat or consume, because each thing we buy is equivalent to a vote) continuously modify the world and ourselves. It's just a question of thinking a way more just to be able to change our habits, and this is not impossible! Even changing just a little bit is already better than doing nothing. And we must not think a different way because only sectarism prevents to progress.

"The Belief that nothing changes comes from

either a bad sight, or a bad faith.

The first can be corrected, the second must be fought."

Friedrich Nietzsche.

When you will entirely realize what is this website and the chance it represents for all of us, you will understand that Humanity is at a big turning point of its history. Some call it the Apocalypse (from the Greek "Apo Kaluptein, and the Latin "Apocalypsim: which means discovery or revelation) and it will split up in two groups: the group of the conscious minority who had the courage to refuse to go to the Abyss where the masters of the world are leading us, and motivated to found -by fighting if necessary- a new era based on sane values; the second group: the mass of people who, by indifference and/or cowardice, will fall down into the Abyss. In synthesis: today, everyone of you has the choice between remaining the slave of the disastrous situation he/she is living, or Becoming the master of a situation that will be, in the beginning, unknown to him/her!
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Would you like to act, at your own scale, against what is going wrong in the world?


Refuse the fate!

Gather with the people who share your ideas.

If after reading this page you feel like you wish to be part of the courageous minority that refuses the fate and agrees with our approach, we warmly invite you to join us and help us to spread the content of sens de la on a planetary scale. We need to inform millions of people: and this is POSSIBLE! The main condition is to translate this website in the main necessary languages.

In fact, positive effects can be obtained very quickly!


We first would like to translate this website in English , in German , and in Spanish (castillan): but this represents a big investment as this website is the equivalent of a 2500-page book.
Finally, we also would like to publish the website as books to make possible for everybody (especially those who do not have internet) to access the crucial information contained in sens de la

If these two stages could be quickly completed, in less than one year several millions of people would be informed, and so become conscious of the situation: and maybe they will be able to modify their behaviours, which would provoke changes in the right direction for the well-being of everyone.

Join sens de la's Circle of friends!

There are only a few conscious people, and that's why they think they are alone. Through the medium of sens de la, you will be able to contact people with similar opinions and behaviours than yours. This Circle of willing humans is set up -at first- to create a Force able to manage and protect itself from the imminent dangers generated by the New World Order's plans, which is already in quick progress. The second reason is to devote ourselves to define a new way of thinking that will make possible the foundation of sane basis for a new harmonious and durable civilization. And all the useful elements of reflection concerning this project are contained in this website.

Here are the rules of communication and of use.


Finally ... 

Enter for eco-villages  - Picture :Thaïs roofs - Amanpuri, Phuket, Thaïland.

to answer the request of those who want it, we will create many "villages of wholesome life" in harmony with Nature, and freed from any fake ideologies, particularly the new age.
Information about the villages of wholesome and autarkical life.

And we need some partners to help us to realize these projects,.

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An invitation to join us to reach these goals is the original french version of meaning-of-life.

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