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 Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


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Chapter I - Presentation

Part 1: Why this website ?

Part 2 : The Challenge - Join and help us

You are here Part 3 : Be partners in this successful website

Current Projects :

Le Village de Vie: un refuge de vie harmonieuse, saine, autarcique, libre, et sans idéologie. xxxxxxxwSauvegarder la  Grande Faune et la Flore d'Asie  du Sud-Est.

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This work deserves all your attention, because it has NO equivalent !!!


Part 3 : Be partners in this successful website


I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.

A rare opportunity!

A goldmine for those who see what can be done.

In concrete terms.

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Ji : the challenge

A rare opportunity! is not only a website different from the others, embodying a new way of thinking that is politically inappropriate! It's above all a so rich original work: is an encyclopedia that includes 225 URL sites of which 133 chapters are setting out some essential ideas that are all verifiable: this is quite unusual... As a result, our website generates the enthusiasm and the unanimity of about 1000 readers everyday, who for most of them, take their time to read and think about the ideas exposed.

Take a look at it's usage statistics GO

Contrary to the fashionable political ideas and the trash spiritualities -that clutter up websites and bookshops-, is very efficient to fight the lies of the disinformation (from religious, scientific, economical or political sources): because claims -with common sense- for Logic, Absence of fears, Self-control and Respect of any living being. also urges people to become conscious that every human has an unlimited potential inside himself. invites Humanity to understand that it has the potential to be autonomous: and the only thing that Humanity is lacking is only the awareness of the power it has to build its own future. And this future is only possible by teaching the most clever young people to a just Meaning of life, to make them able to become honest and efficient leaders for the good of everyone. This future is in the only hands of Humanity.

In other words, our huge altruistic ambition is to bring the world back from the actual Confusion (due to the relations of force and profit), to a new order that will come spontaneously from the Harmony resulting from the teachings of Self-control and Respect.

We need to specify that the realization of this ambition does not imply the rejection of techno-sciences, or the destruction of the actual economical structures: we just need to become aware of our behaviours (this concerns the world leaders as well as the individuals) and re-orient ourselves to a more just way of thinking. Albert Einstein said: " You cannot solve a problem with the same sort of thinking that created the problem ".

"" offers you This New Way Of Thinking.
The simple evidence is that various readers, even if some of them are sometimes very surprised, agree and think that the ideas of sens-de-la-vie are just. And it happens quite often that we receive some admirers' mails who first are enemies each other (regarding their ideology, religion, etc...) and finally settle their difference because of the values exposed in our website: our website is highly appreciated by sane people and, thanks god, they are numerous and from everywhere on the planet!

Finally, is a goldmine or a light of hope to HELP THE WHOLE HUMANITY, but it is still TOO SLOW to spread through internet: we just had 520.000 visits on September 1, 2003.

If we want to be able to reach our goal -explained above, we need five hundred million readers worldwide
This could be possible if we had the financial means to achieve this goal: but we do not.

It's why we need some big sponsors who could take over from sens-de-la-vie's webmaster, or just buy the website -if they obviously engage themselves to respect our website's spirit. This transaction does not only call upon generosity, because anybody who really understand the amount of good ideas expressed in our website can understand how much PROFIT he/she can get -at any level: financial or fame profit, because this person will appear as a real problem solver.

A Gold Mine

A Goldmine for the one who knows

what can be done. contains a considerable mass of original ideas -or information- that are presented in its own style: as a result, even if you don't take time to make a thorough study, it's easy to estimate what you can get from our website:

Books, presented like a collection of different volumes, forming a coherent group.

CD-roms as an identical coherent group.

Movies: cinema or TV series, inspired by the screenplay ideas contained in some of the website's pages.

The Golden Age: a grandiose vision about the times of our cosmic origins.

S.F: mission R/s3-002, and the point of view of the Galactic Federation about the actual situation on the Earth.

A nightmare future, result of the actual worldwide decisions.

A Human society psycho-controlled.

A novel about the real History of humankind and the four humanities that disappeared.

An original view about religions and their relationships with the occult powers.

The forgotten history of the Europeans.

You can have a look at the summary to have some more ideas. Indeed, these themes just need to be re-shaped but the basis, THE ORIGINAL IDEA, already exists.

Subjects for debates -TV or de conferences.

Lessons (remote or university style) about what the official teachings hide to the people (Secret Arch and Arch of the Future), to thwart the global disinformation.

A University of the Future or the school for the "future leaders of the world", that will also be a "forum" of new spiritual thoughts, essential to found the new civilization of the 3rd millennium:

Some Projects of profitable development of the environment that can be multiplied indefinitely:

Village of Life : healthy without idelology The Villages of Wholesome: the first one is already on its way.

Save Nature to protect Humanity Conservation and University: A large natural Conservation Park. The first should be located in South-East Asia, and coupled to an International University of Researches teaching the Sciences of Ecology: this university aims to create different models of worldwide management.


Real new Political Platforms, because founded on a just and shocking speech

A New VIABLE Philosophy of life -devoid of fake spirituality- that do not reject techno-sciences in their positive uses, and so, do not destroy the economy but just change it -if possible without shock.

Let's be concrete
  Only people who dig can find golden mines... or at least, a little bit-o)
We just saw that has the potential for a huge worldwide success that is able to be self-financed by all the commercial aspects mentioned above. And this is only possible if this enterprise is seriously managed, with the suitable means and structures: it's only affordable to a big company.

This means to sell or to rent it, or to create a franchise -partially or totally- about its content and also the potential contained in its original ideas. 

The author of is opened to any honest suggestion.


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