Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter II - Actual world

II-01: The need of another look at the world.

II-02: Exit your endoctrination, a fight against the ideas of misinformation.

II-03: Consequence of Mind control and brainwashing, the "serf-veaux".

II-04: The " Masters of the World's plan."

II-05: Absolute Badness and danger.

II-06: Your civilization's fundamental mistake.

Part 4 : Masters of the World: Their Plan

I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.

"A False Ambition is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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Exit your indoctrination 

What are you heading towards?

The 12 steps of the "Masters Of the World" 's Plan

The New World Order

The goal of the Illuminati 's organization and of the Masters Of the World

Who are the Illuminatis?

12 steps to establish the New World Order

Why do they act this way?

Reflection on what is not a fiction.

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The New World Order

"Submission to Superiors is only compulsory in Lawful situations." Jan Hus.

"The presidential bureau has been used to set up a plot to annihilate American People's freedom; and before I leave this bureau, I must inform the citizens of this critical state." John F. Kennedy, at Columbia's University, Nov 12 1963 - 10 days before Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963.



" The New World Order is, in religious terms, the beginning of the Antichrist Kingdom that is based on the elimination of the spiritual elements of our existence. In practical terms, it's an ambitious attempt to completely enslave mankind."

Extract from Apocalypse Now by Israël Shamir.

Note : Israël Shamir is an eminent Russian-Israeli intellectual, a novelist, a translator and a journalist. He was born in Novossibirsk, in Siberia. He is the grandson of a mathematics teacher and the descendant of a Rabbi in the Tiberias, in Palestine. After studying at the prestigious Science Academy School, he taught mathematics and law at Novossibirsk's University. In 1969, he settled in Israël. Paratrooper during his military service, he fought during the October 1973 War. After the army, he took up law studies again, at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, but he left his legal career to devote himself to journalism and literature.

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The Masters of the World's Goal

According to several sources that seem to be reliable, it appears more and more clearly that you are unwillingly led towards a Specific Goal by your Leaders, who form some kind of occult World Government that is composed of all those who hold the economical/financial and techno-scientific power; Very few elected statesmen, on duty or not, are part of this organization. 

Some pretend that this Specific Goal has been defined during one or several secret agreements between these men, who would all be members of the same sect with several ramifications in the whole world.

Here are its symbols -for those who know how to read them.
As surprising as it could seem, the Illuminati Organization's symbol appears at the back of the one Dollar note of the American Dollar; and this since 1933, the year it appeared for the first time, on Franklin D. Roosevelt's request, just at the beginning of the "New Deal".

It's very possible because at all times, the feeling of being a member of the "enlightened" elite of a secret society that rule mankind without its knowledge but for the enlightened members' profit (and sometimes even theirs) flatters the ego and its Will for Power. But saying that this goal would come from only one of them and that you are confronted with such a formalized plot is of course, impossible to prove !

However, this hypothesis isn't necessary because the numerous international meetings (without the presence of any witness) that the Real Leaders of your World have, inside discrete associations that are all interconnected, are enough to allow them to define theirs targets, precise planetary objectives, and the methods to achieve them; they do not need to belong to a sect for that.

To these organized and periodical international meetings, are also added a lot of informal and constant exchanges between themselves, used to set up their common objectives, progressively, step by step -with no rigid plan, because they are pragmatic - towards a Great Goal.

This goal is not only an hypothesis, because one of their principal organizations that is reputed to be, rightly or wrongly it doesn't matter, to be their leader (the Illuminati), defines it by itself very clearly:

wOriginal text :

" The age of the enlightened has arrived. The time is now, the time is near, and the the time has come.

The sacred trust of the security of our civilization rests on the shoulders of The Illuminati Order, to ensure the course of the future and to provide for the growth of an enlightened society.

The objectivist mind has a duty and an obligation to ensure that our future and the future of our children and their children's children will be secure and their environment will be free of tyrants, dictators, instability and irrationality. The mystic along with the lazy is the enemy of all of mankind. The Illuminati Order invites all non-theists to join us in the struggle and fight for freedom, justice, peace and tranquility.

To help us advance the gospel of reason and logic; to help advance the advancement of science and to establish a world equipped to colonize and develop other worlds. We are currently at a point in time when the civilized and the enlightened are at war with the savage and barbaric civilizations of the mystics; from the Islamic cancer to the Christian and Hindu cancer and even the cancer of socialism which plague our planet.

Freedom is the only thing worth living and dying for. "

"Those whom would not fight for freedom have no right to live." John Adams.


The Illuminati show its real face: " The age of the enlightened has arrived ".

Summary of its plan: " The mystic along with the lazy is the enemy of all of mankind ".

The Illuminati encourages people to join its movement: " The Illuminati Order invites all non-theists to join us ".

Attach to its reasoning a non hidden threat: " Those whom would not fight for freedom have no right to live. "

The site supposedly being of the Illuminati   , and where these texts are extracted from, has been discovered by myself in September 2002 (the month of this paragraph's creation, in French). But afterwards, I noticed the disappearance of this website on December 31 of the same year; maybe because I had highlighted the fact that its in-depth lecture let no doubt about their true wishes, clearly expressed.

The fact that the web site has disappeared does not allow us to deduce that their goals have changed.

Their goals are :

To Establish One single World Order.

(Just look at the web site's URL name)

To take the absolute power in the government of mankind and world, within that order.

(Since they say, in substance, that they are responsible for the direction of the future, without mentioning any intention to share this responsibility with anyone else)

To destroy Christendom, Islam, Hinduism and Socialism.

(Since they say that the enlightened men are in war against these "cancers"! As clearly exposed, they are the enlightened men, and Illuminati means enlightened. Which involves worrying consequences, that firstly seem to be imposing - de facto - the preeminence over Jewish religion, and liberalism [Jewish is the only religion that they don't mention to destroy, it's then the only remaining one, with the other exception: Buddhism, that is not a religion but a philosophy])

To put an end to all spiritual elements of our existence.

(But besides, their call to atheism: " invites all non-theists to join us ", as their mystic people denunciation: " The mystic along with the lazy is the enemy of all of mankind " can induce us to conclude that their final goal would be the destruction of all religions, including the Jewish one, as thinks Israël Shamir.)

Note : about the fact that the Illuminati, say that the religions are a cancer for humanity, they are obviously right ! Every logical man can only agree with this free opinion (and I denounce religions as such, myself), at the condition that a distinction is made between spirituality and religion.

Finally, even if we admit that "organized" religions were necessary at the beginning of a barbarian humanity, which was inwardly "disorganized" and so slave of its exterior looks. Today, religions have no more reason to exist and should "step aside", just like confident parents looking at their grown-up children leaving their household.


And this is not the most worrying point! The worrying point is, as explained below, that globalization is indeed already applied


Surprisingly, these comments -of a simple and blameless logic- on the public declaration of the Illuminati, have been the subject of a heated campaign of slanders for anti-Semitism, made by a Jew individual! An attack that I first thought stupid, because manifestly unfounded.

Indeed, & exalt the Values of Harmony that must be established, on the bases of Respect of Mankind with all its diversity.

Extract from the pages above mentioned:

" We have to regain our own humanity, which necessarily involves the RESPECT for Every Being and Every Thing, and so to be conscious of the Sacred that is alive in EVERYTHING. We must establish a society without any aggressiveness in the human relations, because founded on the education since the very youth, to the Respect of the others, based on The Philosophy of balance of Respect; Replacing the one we undergo since centuries, which is the origin of all sufferings: power struggle ! Only this right attitude will put an end to violence and destruction of our planet."

Unless being completely crazy, it is impossible to accuse these comments of racism! Yet a blind reader already lodged such a complaint about my website (especially this page); But his action failed to bankrupt my site. Anyway, what happened made me understand one essential thing about this attack: Taking the defense of Judaism is sometimes only a Facade...


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Who are the Illuminati ?


They used to define themselves here (but the site is closed):

Here they are, defined by the informers of their plot:

Translated extract:

"Behind the United States and their Constitution lies a small group of men whose only goal is to enslave the whole world and mankind, in their satanic plot for a worldwide government. In order to give you an idea of this satanic plot, I'll go back to its very beginning, in the middle of the 18th century, and name the people who set up this plot.

This evil plot was created in 1776 under the name of "Illuminati", and then was organized by a certain Adam Weishaupt, who had first converted to Catholicism and became a priest. Later, after the request of Financiers, he left the Catholic Church and organized the Illuminati who were, at that time, financed by the international bankers.

Every war since that time, including the French Revolution, was organized by the Illuminati that operated under several names and disguises. I need to mention this last point because once the existence of the Illuminati and their plan was discovered, Weishaupt and his accomplices started to use different names.

But why did these worldwide conspirators choose to call their evil organization "The Illuminati"? Weishaupt himself says that this word has it's origin from Lucifer, and means "holders of light". 

The World Wars

"World War I had to be triggered off so that the Illuminati could destroy the regime of the Tsars in Russia -an objective that the international bankers had sworn to accomplish since the Tsar had caused their plans to fail at the Vienna Congress- and to change Russia into a fortified castle of atheist communism. The differentiations maintained by the Illuminati agents between the German and British Empires would be used to foment this war. Once the war finished, the communism would be established, and used to destroy other governments and to weaken religions.

"World War II had to be instigated, using oppositions between Fascists and political Zionists. During this war International Communism had to expand until it got as much power as the Christian Countries; And once this step reached, International Communism had to be bridled and restrained until the day of the final social cataclysm."

"World War III will be fomented by using the opposition of Zionists (State of the partisans of Israel) and the Muslim World. This war will be directed so that Islam and Israel will destroy each other while the rest of the world's nations, divided on this question, will be forced to also take part in this war until a complete physical, mental, spiritual and economic exhaustion. Then everything will be set up for the establishment of a Worldwide Government."

Worldwide Government

"At the final step of this plot, the Worldwide Government will be composed of: a dictator (United Nations' Head), the Council of Foreign Relations (group representing the Illuminati in the United States), some Multibillionaires, some Communists and Scientists having proved their devotion towards this conspiracy. All other individuals will be reduced to one single race, the Conspiracy's Slaves."

Myron Fagan

Read also "The oligarchy that leads the world" from Frank Hatem:


"If our civilization is sick, it's not by accident. IT'S THE ILLUMINATI'S WILL", because it must allow them to establish their Worldwide Government in 2008 (or even before)." 

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The 12 steps

of the New World Order Establishing

The very popular theory of the Illuminati is in my opinion only the tip of the iceberg, and perhaps maybe only a lure in order to hide another reality, because common sense shows that:
Independently from this secret group, many others may exist, and they are not necessarily united.

It is not certain, or at least not demonstrable, that such a kind of conspiracy exists, even if it seems probable.

And if it does exist, it is not certain that it has the means of its ambitions, even if it would be sponsored by the USA.

On the other hand, the collusion of interests between the powerful people from all countries of this world have always existed, and don't need this folklore because they are strengthened by blood ties (they marry their own children between them) since many generations, and this makes that together they form somewhat a leading invisible planetary caste which is strongly organized as a hierarchy

May be this conspiracy has been launched by these powerful people in order to create fears amongst humankind that might help them to reach their ambitions; The aim being to point out to the population one (or many) scapegoat(s), creating a perfect smoke screen for blind people.

Then the conspiracy theory isn't indispensable because, whatever may be the written concerning the Goal and the Essence of the Masters of the World, there is above all some facts indicating what's going on.

These facts -that do not necessarily emanate from the Illuminati's will (or from another secret organization), put into light an obvious "beam" of numerous converging and related targets.

In a way, it is finally worse than if it was springing from a single group (as powerful as this group could be) because we are, by all means, facing the deadly logic of a Worldwide System heading straight away to a Frightening Purpose. This fact can be obvious to any external observer -a bit perceptive, as being a progressive implementation of a Planetary Plan that would take place as explained below:



Illustration from Catclaw

Starting Point:

Making quick huge profits -Regardless the Worldwide Ecology- to develop their power of action over all the things that they still do not control, and then expand their power on these new "toys" to finance, by all means, the implementation to reach their 12 objectives, which gradually (have been or) will be THIS:

First stage :

  Sci-Fi illustration by Siudmak

I - Indirectly Taking Control Over National States
by signing International Agreements, always allowing them more and more influence over the economy of the countries, and this, in order to get rid of the elected power. This classic method, being to force these countries' political leaders to follow their instructions regarding their own country's debts, but also the secret weapons -economical or climatic- threatening the MOW's system. Finally, making secret personal pressures on these countries' representatives...


II - Eliminating the Farmers' Class or Enslave It.

Farmers formerly used to be self-sufficient, free and producers of the necessary goods : Foods. The "Masters of Your World" have barely failed in their attempt to totally prohibit farmers to produce their own seeds, but they already succeeded in taking control of their whole economy (which makes the few remaining survivors completely dependant of the MOW's system).

III -Rush in the World's Control and the Conditioning of Humankind's Behavior:

a) Voluntary dimming the People's Education level: television and other media taking over from the real culture.

b) The Industrial Food development that weakens Humans' Immune Systems, which is an ideal potential carrier for the diffusion of any "ad hoc" molecule having an effect on the psychics -on the day that will suit their needs. And this, to the detriment of Traditional Foods that will be condemned to disappear.

c) New laws coming soon, which purpose is to destroy Mankind's Health and Energy, in order to increase their profits by banning dietary supplements and natural medicines.

d) Psychotronic Weapons that are well and truly existing today: the 'Haarp System' and pulsed micro-waves inducing thoughts and emotions.

e) Discrimination and Penalization - then control - of "deviating" behaviors, (such as "New age" associations or those that prone personal growth and alternative medicines); the 'About Picard' Law in France is probably only the beginning.

f) Disappearance of Private Life, through the "Big Brotherization". Note : I think we could bet that Internet will not eternally exist the way it is presently; and the first control attempts are already in process; etc, etc...


IV - Hostage-taking of almost all humans by the means of the possession of the total resources,

especially Energizing and Alimentary resources and of their distribution. The simple evidences are the obstacles done to the large production of solar cells or micro-hydraulic dams.


V - Lack of real fight against epidemics and calculated starving situations

in order to keep the Third World at the lowest demographic level.

VI - Campaign in favor of a Worldwide Government

in Name of Peace, Prosperity and Fight Against Crime (especially Pedophilia and Drugs), which is something most of you already accept.


All these points are already completely achieved... The next stage being:

Second stage :

SciFi illustration by Siudmak


 VII - Progressive creation and positioning of the Worldwide Government,

with its consequence that will be a progressive disappearance of the national political powers.

" The best approach being to create problems and then offer solutions", according to a political saying.


It is possible the MOW create a Worldwide Chaos and/or a new World War to justify the establishment of their Worldwide Government.

 F15 American Aircraft, French Air Force's picture


It's probably what's going on since September 11 Events!

What he said ?


VIII - Establishment of Worldwide Army, Police and Justice,

that - in name of Peace, Prosperity and Fight Against Crime - will be free to repress anybody for any reason and anywhere. The train of consequences will be the dissolution of National Armies.

Thenceforth they will have the Total Power in their hands, because any individual choice of society or way of life will be abolished: you're just a stone thrown away from this situation!

Third stage:


 SciFi illustration by Siudmak


 IX - Progressive genetic modification of humans,

(in the name of health and life expectancy) according to the duties you will be assigned to (duties to serve them), and consequently the prohibition -or a strict control- of reproduction by sexual relations, because being hazardous; Which leads to a perfect control of "Humans" and their demography.


i.e. : An article from Louise Vandelac to read... absolutely!

Master at the Sociology Department of the University of Quebec, Montreal -Canada

" Quietly Giving Up Humankind..."

on this problem's dimension! 


Fourth stage:

 SciFi illustration by Siudmak


X - Programmed elimination of pure stock humans because it remains a few and they are useless,
you will not be essential factors of productivity anymore, and moreover you will have become an awkward and dangerous presence, because you are not willing to stop reproducing yourselves naturally, regarding your personal tendencies.

The Big Imposture continues its way by imposing on the Expired Society's Systems, so that a New Form of Civilization goes Unnoticed (which is already rising and showing up); Only a very small percentage of the earthly population will have a function.


by Vivianne Forrester: THE ECONOMICAL HORROR:

"The extinction of work is taken for a simple eclipse while, for the first time in the History, the whole human beings is becoming less and less necessary for the small group that shapes the Economy and Holds the Power.

We discover that beyond the humans' exploitation, there is worse: the Crowd of the Unnecessary Humans and the individuals inside this crowd can quiver, because they are not exploitable anymore. From the Exploitation towards the Exclusion, and from the Exclusion towards the Elimination ?"


Maybe you'll be replaced by asexual clones for a better control,

or by genetically modified "Man-Apes" hybrids -or "Super Apes", to carry out the menial chores if still necessary; and conclusive experiments have already been made in this direction...

XI - In parallel, the creation of cyborg assistants always more efficient for highly specialized or dangerous tasks, and the creation of a Leaders' Class endowed new bionic abilities; and it was demonstrated that electronic microprocessor/neuron connection works and will be operational soon, or later...


Last stage

for them only :


 SciFi illustration by Siudmak


XII - Development and compelled application of the "Immortality Pill"
(already very advanced research) to their only benefit or the one of a tiny elite, which is a source of huge additional profits, for them.

In the end, will come their absolute Reign

or the One of THOSE they serve.

  SciFi illustration by Siudmak


Creation under their reign of a "New World" that will be entirely shaped depending of their good will (as there will be no opposition), and with its consequences: the "Homo Sapiens" species Extinction, either progressively

either it would become a pantry at the disposal of your enemies, by your masters... :o)

....either being simply eliminated because having become completely useless;

The Elimination can be performed in a very primitive way, or with implants and psychotronic weapons.

Back to summary.


Why do they act this way ?


What will be their ambitions and then what they will decide, would be pure hypothesis... so I prefer to stop here, but it is quite logic to ask oneself: "why do they act this way ?"

Indeed, the means implemented to reach this objective widely goes beyond what personal ambition can invent, for those people who possess and already control everything on this planet.

And Then?
The Mainspring of their Project, that is firstly to establish a total control of mankind as well as resources over the whole Earth (by all possible means), can only be extraordinary !

Short comment:

" If you want to hide something from the People, instill into them a way of thinking that is the most remote of what is really going on, so that if the truth is unveiled, it would seem too much ridiculous and fantastic for the majority of people to accept it. And if you have done the job well enough, people will make a game of the truth saying that it's madness, and lampoon whoever tries to promote it." David Icke

Note : that's the reason why you are kept in a childish and insane ignorance since thousands of years by the Religious People -associated to the Temporal Power who have betrayed their mission-, which goal is to hide from you that: ''You Are Gods''. ( John 10, 34 ). And if you were really conscious of you true nature, the MOW would not be able to enslave you anymore. 

As crazy as it may seem, it's not impossible that (far from it!) the true reason of the strange MOW's scheme may be to yield our planet, organized regarding some unknown criteria and at a specific time, to a Non-Human Power.

I obviously ignore, since I am not one of them, if there is such a clear will from the "Masters Of Your World". But one thing is certain : they have the possibility to complete this program of which they are completely conscious, and You Must Not Accept they reach their goal using the means they may have at their disposal, even potentially: because even if the present generation does not accomplish it, the next generation will obviously do it since it will surely have those means at their disposal!

You Must Not Accept this "plan" for another reason than the fear it generates: modifying Humans or anything that has a life on your planet -and also put an end to the Nature- would be behaving in complete opposition against the complicated Universal Laws that govern all of us, which means going neither in the direction of your Earthly Evolution nor in the direction of your Spiritual Evolution.  

Moreover what you are doing starts to represent a real danger for the whole universe, that is observing you.

Will they succeed ?

Picture created by the smile's team with Frankin's characters.

Our cameras have filmed this secret discussion between our webmaster, old "Noah" of the Modern Times, and an emissary of the MOW. As you can notice, the outcome of this titanic combat makes no doubt: self-control always prevails over blind ambitions because too much over-confident.
..This Webmaster is completely Megalomaniac...!!!.........

Note : is there a current threat that would be launched by the Masters Of the World (MOW), using Fake Aliens?

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I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction. 


On What Is Not a Fiction...





Take really the time to think about it, especially by checking the evidences;

Then you will realize several things:


1 This is not a fiction, this is neither a pessimistic vision, nor an overstatement, and not even a personal point of view: you are confronted to FACTS that are already happening or impeding, but All Concrete. And the facts above can't lead you to another ending than what I describe, if this tendency of this (already old) logic is Not Immediately Interrupted.

2 These facts are mostly unknown, especially from the people, because they are "conditioned" and refuse anyway to believe in them, simply because too much frightening.

3 You are manipulated, in particular by chimerical hopes, which make you believe that you would become "Trans-Humans" -Thanks to Technosciences!-, who would enjoy Beauty, Youth, Long Life Expectancy or Powers of any kinds.

4 The MOW's Power is not confronted to a strong and concrete opposition, and that's why their power is almost unlimited. Its undoubtedly the reason why they still tolerate a bit of freedom of speech -as a temporary strategy.

5 These people who destroy your planet with cynicism obviously can't be considered as friendly! Yet, some of you agree to their plans, in particular about electronic implants and told me: they are our friends. How can you be so blind! Has the whole Human Species become Crazy?

6 Damages are about to become irreversible, on your earth as well as on alive species:


For instance, have a look at the state of the sky luminous pollution according to NASA :
the bright areas are those where it is impossible, or very difficult, to see stars on a clear night because of the diffraction of your own lights, especially on atmospheric impurities:


This map perfectly shows the planetary impact of humankind, which has become a major force of an evolution having already damaged about the half of the emerged lands, for its exclusive use and 'needs':
Farming Lands: 11%

"Converted" Forests: 11%

Cattle Pastures: 26%

Our Towns, Industries, Roads and several Services: 2-3%

If you do not urgently call a halt to this situation (especially by 1. stopping Technos-Sciences researches without conscience and that is becoming crazy, 2. curbing your industries' unlimited race for profit), the destruction of your species will occur...

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