Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter V - Aliens & Other Dimensions

V-01: E.Ts, UFOs and lies, the conspiracy is not that you think.

V-02: Golden Age and our imagination.

V-03: Man's place in the Universe, understand what is the Consciousness-Life-Energy.

Part 1 : The conspiracy is not the one that you think.

I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.

"Teaching superstitions and lies as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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Contacts with Aliens or Other Dimensions

Introduction: roads on the moon?

Cities discovered on the Moon!

An interesting assumption on the sudden emergence of humans

Do we have an idea about the alien species that visit the Earth?

Our neighbours of the Cosmos


Why do not we detect any signs of civilization in the galaxy?

The case Roswell

Are the aliens Intra-Terrestrial?

The Ummites and an assumption on the existence of a galactic humanity similar to ours

Did our great superior ancestors come from Sirius?

Essential question: Are the aliens a danger to humanity?

Savvy Epilogue about the danger of aliens by a reader, Mr. JPH

Earthly U.F.Os: What is the unconfessed aim?

Will the MOW launch an fake "Alien" threat by the means of false U.F.Os and Antimatter weapons -already tested?

Hot information hidden since a long time: three giant spaceships would be orbiting around Saturn

Let's send an SOS from the Earth to the Galactic Federation

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An alien colony banned to humans?

In fact, the greatest mystery is not really concerning Aliens or UFOs: it's just the surprising fact that approximately 30 to 40 million people -most of them sane and reliable- have seen Aliens or UFOs, while those whose job is to look for their existence have apparently never seen any of them!

According to people of NASA or program S.E.T.I, they would have never seen, heard or photographed anything related to Aliens or UFOs; and this, since at least 25 years! And apart from them, I've never seen any astronomer publishing a snapshot of a really convincing UFO. The logical conclusion of these researches could simply be that there is no advanced alien civilizations; but this assumption is completely crazy: it is the Fermi's Paradox.

Some people claim that our leaders know the existence of the Aliens, collaborate with them and conceal this fact from the populations. It may be possible, but how these leaders could hush up tens of thousands of scientists working for space? The answer would be simple: by the reign terror.

wThe only point which would give a solid foundation to the statement of the plot -which becomes more and more credible–, is the surprising laying aside of all human projects aiming to settle down bases on the moon . This point may let us suppose a banning ordered by an Alien species already present on the moon.

Indeed the moon is an ideal base for:

scientific laboratories to study space or to make experiences in low gravity,

spaceship launchings in the space,

telescopes and radio-telescopes,

studying the risks of collision with asteroids, and to avert such

disasters, installing laser guns,

studying and militarily dominating the Earth


Why did not we build bases on the moon since the last thirty years -and more...

Is it a banning from the Little Greys?

Many webmasters claim that they have seen extraordinary things on photographs of the moon, where I personally did not see anything special. Anyway, easily visible things remain such as these rilles, forming roads which could be interpreted as having been created by machines.

Credit: Apollo 10, NASA

Here is how NASA explains these facts: " What could cause a long indentation on the Moon? First discovered over 200 years ago with a small telescope, rilles (rhymes with pills) appear all over the Moon. Three types of rilles are now recognized: sinuous rilles, which have many meandering curves, arcuate rilles which form sweeping arcs, and straight rilles, like Ariadaeus Rille pictured above. Long rilles such as Ariadaeus Rille extend for hundreds of kilometers. Sinuous rilles are now thought to be remnants of ancient lava flows, but the origins of arcuate and linear rilles are still a topic of research. The above linear rille was photographed by the Apollo 10 crew in 1969 during their historic approach to only 14-kilometers above the lunar surface. Two months later, Apollo 11, incorporating much knowledge gained from Apollo 10, landed on the Moon. "

This matter is not as funny as it seems to be because, if that was true: the consequence would result in reducing humans to the statute of unconscious cattle, the day their master would lead them to the slaughterhouse. And an answer from the interested people would be tvery welcome!

Cities discovered on the Moon!

Information supporting this hypothesis:

" The intelligent activity of a Alien Civilization appeared to us closer than anything that we could imagine.However, we were not psychologically ready to accept it.

We are often confronted to publications trying to find an answer to the following question: "Are we alone in the universe?". And in the same time, the presence of beings endowed with Reason was detected near us: on the Moon. However, this discovery was immediately classified 'secret' -so much it is incredible!-, because such a discovery could jolt the current social principles -according to the Russian newspaper Vecherny Volgograd.

Here is an extract of the official press release: "NASA's scientists and engineers who took part in the exploration of Mars and the Moon have reported the results of their discoveries during a briefing at the Washington National Press Club on March 21, 1996. For the first time, it was announced that artificial structures and objects had been discovered on the Moon." The scientists talked in a rather careful and evasive way about these objects, except about a UFO. They always mentioned that the existence of artificial objects was possible, and declared that the information was still under consideration, and that the official results would be published later.

During the press conference, it was also mentioned that the Soviet Union had several photographic documents that could prove the presence of such activity on the Moon. Despite it was not exactly identified which kind of activity, thousands of photographic documents and videos of Apollo and Space Station 'Clementine' showed many parts of the lunar surface where this activity and its traces were perfectly apparent. Videos and pictures taken by the American astronauts during the Apollo program were put on display at the press conference. The participants were extremely surprised that these documents had not been presented earlier to the public. NASA specialists answered that: "It was difficult to foresee reactions of the people hearing the news that alien creatures were, or are still on the Moon. Moreover, there were more reasons, beyond the control of NASA”.

Richard Hoagland, specialist in lunar studies, said that NASA is still trying to corrupt the photographic documents before they are published in public catalogues and files. They are touching up the documents or partially re-framing them at the copy time. Some investigators, like Hoagland, suppose that some alien species used the Moon as terminal station during their activity on Earth. These suggestions are confirmed by the myths and legends of various nations of our planet.

Only can give you such a quality... of imagination.!

Ruins of the lunar cities stretch over many kilometres. Enormous domes on massive foundations, many tunnels and other constructions force the scientists to reconsider their opinions about the Moon. How the Moon appeared and the principles of its revolution around the Earth still pose major problems to scientists.

Some objects partially destroyed on the lunar surface can not be classified as natural geological formations, because they are of a complex organization and geometrical structure. In the higher part of Rima Hadley, not far from the place where Apollo 15 landed, a construction surrounded by a large D-shaped wall was discovered. Until now, various artifacts were discovered in 44 different regions of the Moon. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Houston Planetary Institute are investigating these regions. Mysterious excavations in the rock, shaped like a 'terrace', were discovered near the Tiho Crater. The concentric hexahedral excavations and the tunnel entry on the side of the 'terrace' can not be the result of natural geological processes, and rather look like open-air mines. A transparent dome erected above the edge of the crater was discovered near the Copernic Crater. The dome is unusual because shining white and blue colours are sparkling from inside. And a quite unusual objects was also discovered in the higher part of the area, called "The Factory": it's a disc, approximately 50 m diameter, is located on a square base which is surrounded by walls. On the picture, near the rhombus (equilateral parallelogram, with oblique angles), we can also make out a black and circular opening in the ground which looks like the entrance of an underground postern. And there is a rectangular area between "The Factory" and the Copernic Crater that is 300m wide by 400m long.

The astronauts of Apollo 10 took a photograph (As10-32-4822) of a 1-mile long object called "The Castle", which is 14-kilometer high and projects a distinct shadow on the lunar surface. The object seems to consist of several cylinders united by a single big unit. The porous structure inside "The Castle" is clearly visible on one of the pictures, which also shows that some parts of this object are transparent.

During the press conference, attended by several NASA scientists, Richard Hoagland asked twice for the originals pictures of "The Castle": he was answered that there were no pictures. These pictures have also disppeared from the list of the pictures taken by Apollo 10's crew. The only 'intermediate pictures' of the object that were found in the archives 'unfortunately' did not show the object's internal structure.

When Apollo 12 landed on the moon, its team saw that a half transparent object, with a pyramidal form, was watching them. The object was gliding only a few meters only above the lunar surface: it had the colours of a rainbow, contrasting with the black background of the sky.

In 1969, when the film on the astronauts travelling towards the Sea of Storms was screened (the astronauts saw again the strange objects that they later called, “glasses with stripes”), NASA finally understood what could be the consequences of taking the control of such object. Interviewed after the success of the mission, astronaut Mitchell answered: "My neck is still hurting because I constantly had to turn my head as we felt that we were not alone. And the only thing that we could do was to pray.” Johnston, who worked for the Houston Space Center studying the photographs and the videos taken during the Apollo program, discussed with Richard Hoagland about these objects and told him that NASA supervisors were terribly embarrassed with the large amount of "abnormal objects seen on the Moon. It was even considered to prohibit all flights manned towards the Moon.

The investigators are especially interested in old structures that look like cities partially destroyed. The pictures show a surprisingly regular geometry, with square and rectangular constructions. They look like our cities seen from an altitude of 5-8 kilometers. A specialist of the missions control commented the pictures: "Our guys have watched ruins of lunar cities, transparent pyramids, domes, and many other things that are currently hidden somewhere in NASA's safe. And they suddenly felt like Robinson Crusoe when he discovered by chance footprints on the sand of his desert island.” What did geologists and scientists say after having studied the pictures of the lunar cities and other abnormal objects? They concluded that such objects could not result from a natural process. “We should admit that they are artificial, especially the domes and pyramids”. The intelligent activity of an alien civilization unexpectedly appeared near us. We were not psychologically ready for this, and some people still hardly believe now that it is true."

Thank you to Philippe Giot for the article, and to the unknown friend who made the translation.

Note of the webmaster :

The moon is so close to us that with a simple telescope we can see accurately what's going on over there, because the moon does not have atmosphere that hinders the observation. Thus, the space missions that mapped the moon should have recorded all the details, with high definition and high quality pictures, but however all the photographs available are blurred! To compare, the pictures currently broadcasted by Mars Odyssey are of such a quality that we see perfectly all the details of the ground... Why wouldn’t we be able to make the same thing on the moon?!?! Incredible! I think that NASA dissimulates the pictures of the moon and/or fakes them: it can't be anything else.
Finally, one of the most credible theory is:

That the conspiracy is not the one we believe

Here is Emmanuel Dehlinger's thesis, extract from his book: "UFOS, the Exposed Army":

" The UFO phenomenon spontaneously appeared more than fifty years ago, in the wake of Scifi literature, following the observation of the very first "Flying Saucers" by Kenneth Arnold in June 1947. The American Army quickly turned the public's keen interest to account, and since then continuously feeds beliefs about Aliens -by maintaining falsely the idea that Army tries to dissimulate its knowledge about the origin of Aliens and UFOs."

" Some people, composing the 'Lunatic Fringe' -those who are “on the verge of hysteria”, think that the American Army made a pact with Aliens: American Army gave to Aliens the permission tto kidnap humans, in exchange for getting technologic information! In fact, it’s the army itself which is the source of these rumours [ JV90b p. 227-228 ].

The Big Powers' Armies can have a real interest to maintain the belief in Aliens; Here are the following reasons:

An threat from Aliens could enable to maintain peace on our planet, by forcing humans to unit together [cf JV90b p. 125]. Some words from former president Reagan can let us think that he much appreciated this idea [JS90 p. 9-10 and 440], such as this speech extract during the 42th meeting of the UN on September 21, 1987: "I sometimes think how quick the disagreements in the world would quickly disappear if we had to face a threat from an alien power. Though, I pose the question: is not this foreign force already amongst us? "(sic).

Perhaps peace is not considered in all the countries as a priority for the Army, but they can have received instructions in this direction.

An Alien threat could encourage the increase of military budgets. Regarding the extent of the material means deployed by the American Army to simulate the existence of Aliens, we could ask ourselves if this motivation didn’t become crucial since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the end of the Cold War. Before this date, apparitions of UFOs could have been attributed to USSR, to maintain the fear to its technological advance and confirm the permanent Soviet threat, in order to justify again a request for additional credit.

A fake UFO story can enable to make a diversion in the media when those endanger the government, for example when a scandal is revealed [ cf JV90b p. 194, quoting an article of Kevin Cape evoking the Bokassa's diamonds affair ].

Alien beliefs make possible to camouflage prototype testings, which could be seen from far above the test zones.

It also enables to mask the use of reconnaissance aircrafts, such as the famous U-2 since 1955 or the stealthy planes -the lastest toy of the American technology, before the public discovers what they really are. Using lights especially adapted, such as the "lights of Yehudi" mentioned by Bill Sweetman in 1987, makes possible to delude the watchers about the shape of an aircraft by lighting it underneath, in a way to give it the same luminosity as the sky.

Aliens beliefs can also be used as a coverage during the secret use of "exotic weapons", such as the microwaves weapons, laser beams, etc.

Alien beliefs can also be a good coverage for experiments on human mental control, which can be camouflaged as kidnappings by Aliens. This mental control can be psychological (suggestions under hypnosis…), chemical (LSD [ cf JV90b p. 207-208 ], puromycin to cause the amnesia of recent events…), or physiological (microwaves directed towards the brain [ cf JV90a p. 278-279 ]). Tests of mental control performed on prisoners without their knowledge were completely prohibited in the United States at the beginning of the 80's [ Associated Press, June 1998 ]. But who are the new Guinea pigs today? Prohibiting these tests, which the American Army considers necessary, is in fact a mistake since these test are nowadays completely secret, with no possibility of a civilian control.

Because of UFO beliefs, the army can make psychological warfare experiments and evaluate the reaction of the populations, police force or of its own soldiers, in order to learn how to handle and to brainwash the enemies [ JV90b p. 215, 220 and 224-225 ]. The UFOS can also be used to test the reactions of radar watchers or visual in charge of the territory air surveillance, while facing an unknown threat. "

My point of view is that none hypothesis exclude another, and that the truth may be extremely complex because mixing real and fake Aliens, of multiple natures and sources.

The worst of all the hypothesis would be, with no doubt, that Aliens do not exist or at least are not currently present on the Earth; And that, feeding these collective reflections, we would naively be the victims of diabolic men's manipulations, aiming to establish a total and retentless planetary hegemony -by the terror inspired by fake Aliens-, aiming to become the undisputed Masters of the world.

In which case, the only hope would be that our real Friends of the Space come to help us to get out of their claws.
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An interesting assumption on the sudden emergence of humans

Our species, the homo sapiens which, according to current science, would have appeared suddenly towards - 70.000 years. The homo sapiens would result from a genetic operation, or an artificial insemination, a section of the population of the former hominians (such as Homo Erectus or Neanderthal) by the extraterrestrials.

Those being often described as being giants, or sometimes even creatures reptilians, with the aim of improving us and of allowing their genes to colonize the earth - what is far from being impossible: Seeing the Bible Genesis 6: 4. This "program" of the gods (they would have been mistaken somewhere) would be degraded by the progressive return of the old undesirable genes which would progressively supplant those introduced by them into the world population because of the lower rate of reproduction of the "improved mutants". This would explain rather well the progressive reduction in the human intelligence with the faults of behaviours which would result from it.

For others, humanity as a whole comes from stars. The earth would thus have been sown men by a galactic civilization mother, and this perhaps even on several occasions, because the first two humanities would have been destroyed on the occasion of cosmic conflicts.

It is objectively to note that several old civilizations mention contacts with beings of extraterrestrial origin, which would have brought to the men their first technologies and scientific knowledge.

That is less strange than it appears with the first access: if we want to consider well the astounding knowledge of former people, such as the sumerians or the Maya, as far astronomy is concerned. Astronomical knowledge, that logically they could not acquire entirely by means of their primitive techniques of observation, and which thus could be communicated to them only by visitors come from the sky.


For example: , since only two years it is proven that there would be a very large unknown planet in our solar system. This planet baptized X, which is beyond Pluton, is so far that it can’t be observed even with powerful telescopes. It would be however mentioned in the cuneiform annals Sumerians of British Museum
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Can we already have an idea of the extraterrestrial races which would visit the Earth?


IJPAppel-Guéry ’s answer, which has to draw up this list, I think, according to stories of meetings on the ground, and perhaps also of "channel"s. I let him the responsibility for it.

Link with the complete interview.

"a great number of contacts and documents enable us to establish the following classification of the various types of extraterrestrial appeared on the Earth:


1) The small beings of 0,30 m to 1,20 m.

wBeings of Reticuli 1,20 - face and body slender.

wBeings of Andromede 0,30 m - vehicles of form-energy, very intelligent.



2) The mediums beings 1,60 to 2,50 m.


wFrom Iarga planet 2 m, resulting from a advanced civilization.

wLyrians: body slender, civilization 5000 years in advance on the earthmen.

wVegans, of Vega: drab skin and triangular face, 3250 years in advance on us.

w Dals: morphology caucasian, 3 600 years in advance.

w Pleïadians: very fine skin, not far away to Earthmen 3000 years in advance.

w Bauis, already present on the Earth at the time of Hyperborea.

w Those of Alpha of the Centaur: tall, fair, having a psychomotor dynamism.

w Beings of Procyon: yellow or light-green skin, very collective life.

w Beings of Orion: rather corpulent race, instructors.


3) Dwarves: robots, cyclops, giants, the various.

w Those of Epsylon Endoni: skin of rough scale, 2 m - advanced technology.

w Androïdes half-human, half-robots seen by Enrique Castello in a vessel.

w Hyperborean giants, 7 to 8 m in height - traces of their feet in Polynesia.

w Those of the Swan: dark skin - Amphibians.


"All these visitors of the Earth live either on planets, or in vessel-mothers of 3 000 to 20 000 m where live up to 1 million beings like that which alerted the White House and the Kremlin in 1955 (this vessel-mother had 10 km in diameter to 500 km of the Earth at 30.000 km/hour), or in vessels from 3 to 50 m being used as vehicles of reconnaissance.

Finally there is the meeting of the 4th type where the visitors speak and discuss with the Earthmen : type A outside a house with remembering discussion; type B inside a house with also remembering; type C inside or outside without remembering, recollection only by the dream under hypnosis. " 


Another list of aliens - more worrying - is noted here: 

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Our neighbours of Cosmos

Probability of existence of other earths and civilizations in the universe.


XXWe live on the earth, which itself is located in the edge of a galaxy that we can observe by the evenings of summer: the Milky Way. Our galaxy comprises approximately 400 billion stars. The sun is itself one of these stars, of rather small size. Outside our galaxy, your telescopes observe others of them: at least hundred billion. They are located so far, that currently the voyages out of our galaxy are in the field of dream and Science fiction.
Within our galaxy the number of planets can be theoretically calculated; the number of those which are likely to have seen born (at least once, because it could disappear) the organic life: this number is approximately hundred billion (including planets which would be habitable by the man), and even of those which are likely to have, or to have had, a technically advanced civilization: this number is approximately a billion. About this number of civilizations, how much would have achieved your level ?

The answer is very difficult to estimate because we don’t know how long our type of civilization can survive without destroying itself. By admitting, like Carl Sagan, that only 1% succeed in surviving that still gives us a few million civilized planets likely to have a contact with the Earth some day. You thus do not miss neighbours, this is a certainty.


XHowever our potential neighbours are very scattered: the same scientists estimate that the nearest planet of this kind must be at two hundred light-years of us, but the earth has emitted signals artificial radios only for approximately 50 years, and seeks to intercept messages by its radios telescopes only since still less a long time. The signals which you send will arrive them only in a hundred and fifty years the best, if you have chance.
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Chemtrails, often associated with U.F.O.

The letter of Effervesciences of December 5, 2001

What represents the chemtrails, these ascents of chemical substances systematically realized in the sky of the USA, Canada and Germany ? As the authorities don’t make any comment of it, the most crazy questions come to mind: occult vaccinations, tests of climatic changes, latent euthanasia ?

Make a first approach on the site: with a remarkable photographic collection of UFO and chemtrails

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Why we don’t detect galactic signs of civilizations?

Are we unable to see them ?



Fermi's Paradox II: What's Blocking Galactic Civilization?

Or Are We Just Blind To It?

By Seth Shostak

Astronomer, Project Phoenix

08 November 2001 

" Could galactic empires exist? In a previous article, we noted that there has been plenty of time for aliens keen on colonizing the Milky Way to pull it off. However, we see no signs of galactic federation ("Star Trek" aside). Why does the cosmos look so untouched and unconquered? What is keeping advanced extraterrestrials from claiming every star system in sight?

This puzzle, known as the Fermi Paradox, has burned up a lot of cerebrum cycles when scientists tried to reconcile the lack of company with the expectation that there are many advanced alien societies.

One possible explanation is that interstellar travel is just too costly. Consider how expensive it would be for us to populate another star system. Imagine sending a small rocket to Alpha Centauri, one that’s the size of the Mayflower (180 tons, with 102 pilgrims on board). Your intention is to get this modest interstellar ark to our nearest stellar neighbor in 50 years, which requires about 150 billion billion joules of energy.

No one’s sure what aliens pay for energy, but here on Earth the going rate is about ten cents a kilowatt-hour. So the transportation bill per pilgrim would be $40 billion. That’s a lot of moolah, a lot more than it takes to buy each emigrant a few thousand six-bedroom palaces and set him up for life. The fact that the trip is costly, in whatever currency, is reason enough to deter any alien society from trying to settle distant real estate. With far less expenditure, the extraterrestrials could pursue the good life at home.

Of course, if energy costs can be brought way down, for example with fusion or matter-antimatter technology, or by capturing more of the radiation spewed into space by the home star, this explanation might not hold water.

But even if the aliens can afford colonization, maybe they haven’t got the stamina to see it through. Subduing the Galaxy takes more than sending a ship full of restless nomads to the next star. The nomads have to settle that star, and then spawn pilgrims of their own. And those émigrés have to produce yet more settlers. And so on. If each and every colony eventually founds two daughter settlements (a pretty decent accomplishment), then 38 generations of colonists are required to bring the entire Galaxy under control. Even the Polynesians, who swept across the western Pacific domesticating one island after another, didn’t manage this. Maybe the aliens can’t do it either.

On the other hand, if a few of them remain committed to expansion, their project might still succeed – just more slowly.

Some researchers suggest that the Galaxy is colonized, but we just don’t notice. Arthur C. Clarke pointed out that truly advanced engineering projects would be indistinguishable from magic. Perhaps the evidence of alien presence is so beyond us that we simply don’t recognize it (somewhat like mice in The Louvre checking out the Mona Lisa). Another thought is that the aliens find Earth an interesting nature park, and have arranged matters so that, while they can observe us, we can’t observe them. The idea that we may be some aliens’ high-tech ecological exhibit is called the "zoo hypothesis."

These explanations, and a bushel-basket more, have been proffered to deal with the Fermi Paradox. Any of them might be true. Nonetheless, some scientists find them too contrived, too unlikely to work in every case. Will all the aliens find colonization too costly? Will they all run out of empirical steam? Are we so special that someone has really gone to the trouble to put us behind invisible bars?

Or is there a much simpler explanation? "

Next time, we’ll consider some of the more obvious – if more disquieting – resolutions of the Fermi Paradox.

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 The Roswell affair.

The affair have made the news so much that I return there, but a researcher of the University of California in San Diego, Dr. Russel Vernon Clark, maintains since 1997 to have the proof of an extraterrestrial existence. He presented an isotopic analysis of fragments supposed to come from a spaceship "extraterrestrial" which would have been crushed on the ground, 50 years ago, near Roswell. According to him this matter doesn’t exist on the earth. Indeed, the analysis would show new anomalies on the level of the atomic nucleus, whereas the US Air Force have always denied the not-terrestrial origin of the incident of Roswell...

At least, no one can’t deny that it passed something strange to Roswell.

Read the scientific analysis of the fragments here:

An assumption which can’t be rejected is a set-up by the American army to make believe in extraterrestrials.

Here a extract from the book "UFOS, the uncovered army" by Emmanuel Dehlinger :

" the morning of this 8 July 1947, the American army had publicly announced that it had just captured a flying saucer, before retracting the evening even whereas the new had already gone around the world. This declaration was neither free, nor accidental because the order had come from high-ranking and its repercussions were immediately world. While retracting quickly for the absurd thesis to retrieve a balloon probe, the American army inaugurated the principle of debunking trivial: a group of the population was turned over to get trapped by a vulgar balloon probes and to have believed a moment in extraterrestrial, swearing that it wouldn’t be taken in again, while the other group started to wonder "and if it was true and that the army wanted to hide us the existence of the extraterrestrial? ".

The truth of manipulation remained as for it unsuspected.

July 4, 1947, celebration of Independence Day, many significant observations of flying discs will be reported for all the United States [ LDLN N° 325 p. 10 ], which confirms in our eyes that the "crash" of Roswell is to be seen in a large manipulation, it isn’t a question either of a true accident of military devices that the army would quickly disguised it as a crash of flying saucers, then as wreckage from balloon probes. The crash of Roswell seems well to be a set-up by using false fragments resulting from technology advanced from the aeronautic American and having properties surprising at the point to be able to suggest an extraterrestrial technology. Jacques Vallée mentions on this subject the "silver Saran", a smooth and a very thin thermoplastic which couldn’t be warped even by blows from a hammer. This material "was already available in the civil laboratories since 1948"

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E.T are they Inner Terrestrial already installed on our Earth?
since a long time, or being here since always. Wouldn't they be quite simply in their home, them too?


It is a great possible, because - in addition to the aerial observations or in space - O.V.N.I were observed many times entering or outgoing of the sea, and even under water by submarines.

They were particularly seen off the coasts of Argentina, but also by aviators or sailors more or less all over the world. Finally, the most spectacular cases occurred with the Soviet or Russian ships, and there was even a confrontation which caused the death of several Russian plungers (accident of decompression.) See the links at the end of the page.

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Ummites and a logical assumption

on the existence of a galactic humanity comparable with ours.

The affair of Ummites and their letters is too much known so that I repeat it again in details, but it deserves certain new comments. If you are not yet informed : to see on
1. Ummites as extraterrestrials?
Although I having carried out a superficial analysis, I believe possible after reflection that these Ummites came well besides and not a TEAM from scientists jokers and tiresome (1000 letters to have fun during 30 years!? without copyright !)

Indeed there is at least (what seems to be) a proof here: their scientific concepts on micro dimensions of space and a multidimensional Universe were not even an embryonic form in the human spirits in 1967, year of their letters which speak about it.

Extract of

Letters from January to June 1967 (subject: arrival on earth)


"By studying the real nature of the corpuscles or entities which you call PROTONS, MESONS, NEUTRONS, ELECTRONS, our scientists discovered that I reality they were small distortions of the space called wrongly THREE-DIMENSIONAL in the axis of other dimensions"


It is well the permutation of a corpuscle in another, thing which you already observed according to our news, but that you can’t control yet. It is no more and no less a "CHANGE Of AXIS" so to speak a “CHANGE OF DIMENSION."

"When the mass of a proton disappears in front of you to convert itself into Energy, which in reality arrived it’s that its AXIS underwent a turn of 90 degrees AXIALLY to a traditional dimension of Space. But this is valid for you and your reference system because for another observer located from the perspective of the fourth, the fifth or sixth dimension, he will precisely observe the opposite phenomenon, that Energy concentrates to form a particle that he will also call "Proton".

The first intuitions of our scientists concerning a space with X micro-dimensions to explain the reports of the experiments into micro physics were born around 1984 and the discovery of the superstrings made in 2001:

And they confirm 34 years after the Ummite point of view.

See also this page

Thus Ummites describe the life on Mars, but with the last probe Mars Odyssey we will have probably soon confirmation, or not, from the Ummite point of view.


" This first inspection is realized up to 290 KOAE (2523 kms). A KOAE is equivalent to 8,7 kilometres approximately, and showed the absence of a sufficiently dense atmosphere to allow the outside development of complex pluricellular beings. The holes of multiple impacts of meteorites and the crystalline structure of the ground studied by our instruments of remote sounding, revealed the lack of a bacterial active life and producing of the decomposition of the ground, at least in the small areas which were explored."

"Subsequently we discovered on this OYAA (Mars) not only the proteinic and aminoacidic forms but also the unicellular and simple vegetable pluricellular beings. You will not be long to discover them."

The installation of Ummites on earth is easily controllable because they say to have created a small underground base at their arrival and locate it precisely: near Javie, the Basses Alpes, and the farm where they say to have made petty thefts:

"The admission of the gallery is on one of the mountainous foothills of the area, not very far from the peak of the" White Horse ".
How is that to my knowledge no search was carried out?

The proof exists or doesn’t exist, it is simple.


In any case there are in my eyes only two assumptions:

a) or they are extraterrestrials,

b) or they are selfless and voluntary geniuses!

and.... as b) is rarer than a)


2. Which were or are still the intentions of Ummo:

They helped us of their advices and their knowledge, but they didn’t come here with this aim in view, because they didn’t know what they were going to discover and they say that. They were neutral towards us, and if they remained a long time on earth it was only on an order of mission to study the human which apparently ended.

3. The morphological similarity:

How these people are as us from all the points of view including physics (with the atrophy of the glottis which would occur in their adolescence) is very strange !
Because if it’s logical that the "matrices" of the universe tend to give birth to similar forms in a unique environment (a fish, a dolphin, and a penguin although belonging to 3 different orders, they have similarities of form coming from the adaptation to the aquatic environment) it is on the other hand illogical that they give birth to absolutely identical beings in completely different environments as it is the case of the Earth and Ummo; it is more than improbable: that does appear quite simply impossible to me.

The only possible argument to this morphological identity:

I don’t know if this capital question is mentioned in their letters, neither if they talk about their ADN compared with ours, nor if they are inter fertile with us; but that remembered to me the bible which mentions the interfecondity of extraterrestrial and of ourselves in the chapter of the "Elohim" which find the girls of the men beautiful and marry them thus giving birth to the race of the giants: Genesis 6.4.

Moreover, the "god" of the Bible has so many humans imperfections to be God! Hebrew probably was in contact with the extraterrestrial, and this god in my opinion is one among others, this is why he says himself "jealous"; to understand : “jealous” of his colleagues ;o)

About her, Bhagavad Gità says that humanity is present in all the universe on many planets and she is informed of its text since 120 million years.

However we have multiple obvious facts that the advanced humans were present on earth at the tertiary era and even at the Mesozoic era, which is not at all compatible with the theories of the evolution and that of only one mankind.

But, if by assumption, a advanced human civilization mastering the space flights and "had sown" of the human communities on several habitable planets, whose Ummo and the Earth, anything would be explained much better. It may be even that of the attempts fail and than they are repeated until success, which seems to have been our case.


4. A logical assumption.

These colonies on earth can have coexisted with primitive populations of hominiens, natives of the earth who possibly can be genetically modified or artificially fertilized. In our case that would mean, as certain legends mention it, than current humanity would be a combinaison of these different sources: native and extraterrestrial.

It should be noted that my previous wife of race Meow (a tribe of the mountains of Southeast Asia) had learned from her grandmother that the white race had come from stars by means of flying machines, and she had asked to me a night of July 1999 to indicate to her from which star precisely we came. Surprised to my ignorance, she says to me: "I knew that you had forgotten how to make these machines, but I am surprised that you also forgot from where you came."

As I says to her: "your grandmother has to see the American planes during the Vietnam war and to invent this legend", she answered me: " Not at all ! my grandmother had learned it from her mother, who herself learned it from her mother, etc, etc ; Meows know that from time immemorial ".


5. A logical conclusion on this assumption:

If this assumption is correct, it was certainly somewhere in our galaxy a " mother humanity " which have swarmed.
Does she still exist? nothing is less certain.

Did she only remain identical to herself, I other words that we are? nothing is less sure either.

But logically too, if she exists she shouldn’t lose interest in what we become, on earth and elsewhere.

Perhaps she waits until a certain level of evolution techno-scientist or spiritual appears to give sign of her and to integrate us into the "club", if I might say so. By our stupid things, I believe that if she always exists, (and she have this possibility) she should appear not too a long time (10 years or a little more) by a frightening but beneficial intervention.

A friend write to me " But from where do you hold good the information that the Earth and Ummo are different environment? "

This is the three sources:

1. Ummites themselves which in one of their pages describe the similarities and important differences between two planets, and as a result the considerations which show that these two worlds although similar are also really dissimilar

2. The second point is that there is nothing similar in all the universe and that what we believe similar comes in fact only from our limited eyesight and the insufficiency from our analytical capacity. It‘s in the nature of things: for example the North-East of Thailand has a climate and a ground which are nearly identical to those of Provence. Besides, this is why French created a vineyard successfully there, and however fauna, the flora, and... the taste of the wine are completely different.

The reason is that Life creates diversity not only by an adaptation darwinienne mechanical in the middle and to natural selection, but especially because she’s a plentiful and groping energy which try and probably also has fun, because solutions that she finds faced with a given problem are innumerable, and finally because many phenomena are linked at chance.

Not a single scientist thinks that if the history of the earth started again it can be populated with same creatures, analogues yes, identical no.

If indeed the extraterrestrial, like the Bible says it, made love with women of the earth who gave birth to them it’s that our ADN are similar to allow it. A "humanity" born in the conditions necessarily different from another planet couldn’t mix with us like the ummites, nor to fertilize our wives like the elohim.

So, if Ummites exist, and if the bible says true, the homo sapiens (with local varieties) must be present elsewhere than on earth.

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Did our higher ancestors come from Sirius?



It is at least the opinion of Drunvalo Melchisedek

in his book "The ancients secret of the flower of life".


That they came from Sirius, or besides, what does it matter ? but it’s difficult to a mind reasonable to doubt that they existed: because our museums (as in Le Louvre in Paris, Egyptian section of antiquities) overflow with their busts - above - their statues, their mummies, and their bones which differ considerably from the homo sapiens. These beings - as king Tut, who, old hardly 18 years, succeeded Ahkenaton deposited – weren’t our species, and that is blindingly obvious.
Here his bust at this time of his life.

Do I need to describe you the form of his cranium, and the form of his ears ?

Nowadays traces of these differents genes can still be observed:
in particular at some tibetans, like here on this profile of the LAMA Kalu Rimpoché. As by chance it’s always beings with high spiritual powers.


Thanks to Johanne for these photos.


Still more different from the homo sapiens:

And still, these Pharaohs of the late dynasties if I might say this offence, were a physical kind not very surprising compared to what I saw, but of which I can’t prove to you for the moment.

This photo isn’t the mummy which I had, but a similar mummy found in Spain.

For that purpose, I had in 1987, alas temporarily, a mummy – it’s said that she came from Tibet - with a complete body of approximately 90 cm, absolutely identical to certain descriptions of extraterrestrial, and which - in any case - was at least a child of another species that ours.

Here the description:

An enormous head compared with the body, and a triangular clearly form (frontal like above view )- a very backwards lengthened cranium - immense eyes -lightly bulging cheekbones, taking the general form of these Egyptian busts in much more impressive and especially more beautiful.

Nose, ears and the small mouth, but drawn well.

A body of adult well- proportioned without hair, nor no hairiness, equipped with a male sex of normal proportions.

Nota : It may be that the hair and hairiness fell or were shaven for an unspecified reason.
Arms and the legs slender and muscular, skin fine and of colour brown clearly.

The whole having remained flexible like alive !

A woman doctor was interested in it and obtained the authorization to study it at the Faculty of Medicine. She says to me:

" It isn’t a child, it isn’t a dwarf. We don’t know this technique of momification, we don’t know what it is."

I would add that the face was lightly like an "Aliens" which currently multiplies on our tee-shirt, but less caricatured and especially with harmonious proportions and an expression devoid of aggressiveness. Thousands of people saw it. I would have wished to analyze it, but that didn’t interest anybody, and it is a great pity.

and these cases still much stranger in Peru:


On the left: one of these stupefying craniums, and on the right: the normal cranium of an ancient Amerindian.

Both are on the same scale: check by measuring the distance between the face to the occiput.

This form isn’t natural, certainly, but it isn’t either an exceptional abnormality: there are dozens of craniums like this one in the Peruvian museums. The anthropologists say that it comes from what these people deformed the cranium of their new-borns while it maintaining clasped a long time between planks.

Why not? and in this case, I would add: "with the aim in view to develop their faculties of extrasensory perception".

Of agreement, but......

deformation or not, you will still notice that its volume is almost the double of ours: that of human ordinary on the right. Planks can have most probably deformed it, but surely not made grow! And it isn’t all!

 And it isn’t all !

Nobody has the least idea of what it is.


Click on the image above for reading the tests ADN

and analyses made on this really rare specimen

who would be, according to those, an hybrid human/not human.

Therefore, there existed well, a long time ago on earth,

several races human others that ours

and higher too, undoubtedly, but today disappeared.

Here the reconstitution of the face of this last:

 Image Courtesy of MGS

What is these guys not humans? It’s crazy!
To return to our Egyptian kings, their race was - in my opinion – descended from higher ancestors with a physical type similar, as an adult, to this small mummy, as a child: that undoubtedly of those which based the first civilizations on earth before the homo sapiens in its current form didn’t appear. This disappeared higher race, alas definitively, at the time of the cataclysm which happened it there has 11 565 years, and notably caused the swallowing up of Atlantis. It is also allowed to wonder where, and when, humanity would have appeared in our galaxy before creating a colony on earth. The answer is, according to a mysterious source, the system of Vega 8 million years ago, and - although that appears insane - that appears intuitively credible to me.


These evidences are blindingly obvious. So, How is that these evidences which are not to seek elsewhere than in the comfortable setting of our museums, are mentioned practically nowhere? And that strong erudite monkeys, with their knowledge innate, say: "it is impossible! "
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The essential question: are E.Ts a danger?


The question of the possible danger posed by the " gray " or others aliens, which can be the "extraterrestrials " as well as "intraterrestrials", is posed in my opinion under a simple angle.
The most significant fact to remember in support of the thesis of the U.F.O is that a great number of people completely trustworthy have testified to their existence, like this photo of an unknown object catch by the astronaut James Mc Divitt on June 4, 1965, during its twentieth turn of the earth on board Gemini 4 (pH U.S.I.S Paris), attests :
However if we can difficulty to call into question the fact that an unknown phenomenon was observed by this competent man, the fact remains that in this case we don’t know what is it. All the convincing cases are similar either through lack of evidence, or because the evidence was dissimulated from the public opinion, and the problem thus remains whole.

But we can nevertheless reason thus:

If they don’t exist, it is obviously a no-problem.

If they exist, the most important fact is that, if they are present, they must be it since a long time! at least since approximately 1947, perhaps more, and perhaps even since always ! because the traditions as well Biblic, as Vedic, as those of certain native people (such Dogons) suggest that they came to visit us since immemorials times with friendly intentions.

We can also note that during this long period they interfered very little in a visible way in our lives - except the case of removals relatively rare -, and that despite their higher technology they still - until proof otherwise - neither enslaved, nor destroyed our species. If they didn’t do it, it is either that it isn’t in their possibilities, or that it isn’t in their intentions.

Thus in my opinion there isn’t to fear that they are suddenly put to act towards us differently in the way in which they always acted, but this is not a certainty.

xEpilogue of common sense about the danger E.T by a reader, my friend JPH.

I am not a sign Mad in USA, which panics with each thing or phenomenon which exceeds the understanding. I try more to find a credible and coherent assumption in each situation.

E-T & co.

"About these strange phenomena discovered in fields in the forms of beautiful images: the crop circles. In the assumption that nowadays, an extraterrestrial civilization comes to enjoy herself by perhaps bringing their children to make beautiful drawings in our fields, I don’t see what interest they would have to leave again without presenting their excuses to the farmers who don’t see that good in a new light! "

First assumption, it’s really them which do the crop circles:

"in this case, these strange beings equipped with technological advances incomparable on ours, wouldn’t be so intelligent as that, which appears to me incomprehensible. Indeed, let us admit that they come on earth for already a long time and they have contacts with the secret and specialized services - as some are convinced by it - why ‘if that were to remain secret) would they attract attention in the area around the cities by drawings left that and there? When we want to remain unassuming, we start by not leaving traces, therefore we shouldn’t know the visit of ET!

What bothers me, but not surprise me, it’s that all these phenomena mainly happen on the English or American territories, no trace on the side of Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong or Tokyo !

LWould The extraterrestrial be segregationnists? I don’t still explain to me - after a very long space flight several years, or at least several months - why, having the choice between our heavenly islands with the fine sand beaches or our nice mountains overhanging valleys of dreams where flow cascades and rivers, they would choose to land in corn fields transgenic in the middle of Texas?

These funny obese Americans with their bizarre foods, have become kinds of guinea-pigs observed by ET? It’s possible and that would explain many things!! It’s perhaps also their ways of making the market !

In this case, one thing’s certain, E.T prefers the transgenic flour to fish!
Another question remains:

" With all these observations satellites, radars like big ears, then our telescope Hubble, wouldn't we be able to see a spacecraft ?

The astronomers could observe the 300 billion stars of the Milky Way. They have discovered the hundredth extra solar planet located at 293 light-years of us, as well as an asteroid which went near the earth on August 18, 2002. So unless they have ALL an acute voluntary conjunctivitis, I don’t see how a big vessel could go near the earth without being seen? All right then ! let us admit "

Second assumption:

" Americans bluff to us as very often, and they want to make us believe they are alone in the world to have contact with E.T and to have signs proving the veracity of their visits on earth. If it was a possibility we should bear in mind, how is that they could penetrate our atmosphere without signs on the radarscopes? (a small point on screen)
It’s true that Americans have a serious deficiency as regards air control ! ô;ô?

The birds leave too a signature radar, that’s how it is we can detect unidentified apparatus. Therefore spy because without transponder (for informed them)

In fact, the supposedly invisible planes like B2, F 77 and others, aren’t it really. It amounts to reduce the signature radar to the minimum: that of a goose or of a duck, by using certain materials, new design of the lines, reduction of heats emission of gases with protections by thin grilles of pipe output and implementation of gold micro-sheets on the windscreens in order to dissimulate the pilots and their crash helmets. In short, the pilot and his machine to 65 million dollars are transformed into duck in the eyes of the radars!

But just a minute you can get yourself instead of an air-traffic controller that detects on his scope radar, the trace of duck to 45000 Ft and Mach 2. So a question occurred to him: I will consult a doctor or I tell my superior that a machine penetrates our space ?

x .....Perhaps It’s a nanotechnical duck ...!
In the case of space shuttles, certain observations of very fast small things to the movement and random displacements were reported, mainly by some pilots, those are recorded then archived. A good many appearances are now explained by certain climatological or different phenomena or others, but now some of them remain always without answers.

As regards to radio messages sent in space, it will take decades before arriving at inhabited systems and in the event of answer, the necessary time to this one to reach us will not leave the time to our generation to take knowledge.

The head in the stars but the feet on earth!
Space weapons "mad in the USA":
During a world conference on disarmament, it was requested from the great powers not to exploit more research about a super gun laser being able to be put on a terrestrial orbit.

The M.O.W hold at any cost to their project and they put forward the possibility of defence weapon against a possible enemy come from space.

Why always see the evil everywhere? would Americans be paranoiacs?
If beings come from space, this is certainly not to destroy us, they would have had at leisure to do it since a long time and certainly have already exceeded this archaic stage.
But, for the M.O.W, to frighten the world with in compensation the feeling that the whole Earth will turn to those which will appear like the savers of humanity, my answer is yes!

Again a beautiful imagination from the USA that is all to their image of big children. We will certainly see arriving the E.T before American do not react, and so that one stop killing thousands of people in the world.

These are perhaps the creatures that will save the world by freeing us from Americans and their food which in long term, kills more than the bombs and all the rest !

Jean-Philippe H

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The terrestrial U.F.O: in which undisclosed aim?

Flying saucers of US Army.

D1959 to 1968, the usual means of protection used for the atmospheric return (matter Shield intended "to be burned" to the return and thus calculated according to the loss of matter which will follow, or beryllium coating) are unsuitable with the constant flight above Mach 10, Mach 12.

Since 1968, the prototypes are able to fly at more Mach 12 non stop in the atmosphere.

Since the beginning of the Sixties, weapons laser tests to high energy are led both by the USA and by the Soviet republic. This technology is intended for the armament, the transport of communications to high debit, the designation of targets and anti-missile protection. In the Seventies, the program ”Star Wars” SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) have produced vehicles equipped with plasma torch. The latter are projected in front of the vehicle in order to generate a shock wave allowing to move forward as in a ”bubble” with limited density, isolated from heat. More recent work privileged the use for microwaves.

The most favourable shape for using this principle is the flying saucer. Thus, to modulate the speed or to slow down (to go down below Mach 10!), the flying saucer should change only its incline. The plasma torch must leave the higher face centre of the flying saucer.

A conventional machine of the AeroLens type can thus reach Mach 25, whereas the shape of flying saucer , the effect generated in the back allows accelerations and huge continuous speeds. This made way for having optimal conditions as for the addition of the propulsion MHD, which then allowed to overtake blithely Mach 50. In is the case of the vessel AeroLens, it’s necessary to place a “rectenna” on the lower face (concave), to protect it by a transparent fuselage and from there, to pulsate electrically in order to turn into ions the air and to propel this machine by means of the super conductive magnets located on the circumference of it. This quiet machine emit a circle of incandescent and luminous plasma during accelerations (qualified of “dodged and weared” ) going from zero to more Mach 50, than it is in dense air at low altitude or in rarefied air on the verge of space.

Read the rest on:

Alain H

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Will an "extraterrestrial" threat be launched by the M.O.W by means of false U.F.O, and of Anti-matter weapons already tested ?
" Veritable B2", hypersonic able to operate to 20.000 km of its base without being refueled, flying at 10.000 km/h and 60 km of altitude. 21 B2 which one shows are only lures.

A French aeronautical journalist saw one of them flying above the Edwards base of the USA in October 1997. It was three hours of the morning. He didn’t take a photo but supplied this drawing, showing what he saw: at the end of the wing: side-lights. Fires in a triangle: landing lights fixed on the legs of train. Quid of these luminous bands on the leading edges opposite the air entrance? "fixed" lights. Lighting of zones of condensation by the light of the headlights? No, the Edwards base is into Mojave desert.

To read "UFO the veil tears" Albin Michel, publication end 2002.

Another problem is that the intentions to power of certain malicious humans which can use the fear of extraterrestrial at sinister aims satanically planned. It is what the "Revelation Project” says which started on May 9, 2001 by a press conference in Washington.

This project chaired by Doctor Steven Greer who is supported by more than 400 official witnesses, aims to reveal in the whole world all that concerns the phenomenon called UFO. In a memo addressed to the American Congress and to president W. Bush, Doctor Greer inform them that the campaign will continue as far as objectives are reached, that is to say:

A honest and sincere examination of all the witnesses by the American Congress (400 witnesses are ready to testify; soldiers, scientists, pilots...)

A permanent prohibition of any armament operation in space whose target (held secret to the public) are the extraterrestrials!

A precise study of all extraterrestrial technologies, their applications for peace and the well-being of planet, implying the lifting of the secret surrounding them.

Dr. Greer explains indeed that these peaceful technologies can ensure the production of all (free) energy the planet needs without having recourse to fossil energies and without pollution of environment thus avoiding the wars for energy which prepares for the decade to come.

Many journalists present at this press conference also could observe the reproduction of extraterrestrial vehicle. Dr. Greer explains on this subject that the UFOS are propelled by a anti-gravitational energy coupled to energy of the field of the vacuum or "point zero". Their technology of propulsion is "supra-luminic" that is to say higher than the speed of light (more than 300.000 km/second). He explains that currently the research projects on these subjects cost between 50 and 80 billion dollars/year just for the USA!.

" It is not all! Stories of hundreds of witnesses belonging to the governmental corps, military and corporate bodies established this: UFO are real, that some are built on the occasion of secret projects known as "black" of our government (American) , that some others come from extraterrestrial civilizations who visit us, and a group kept secret this point so that technology behind the UFO can remain hidden - until the desired moment. This technology can replace and will replace possibly oil, gas, coal, the factories thermonuclear and other centralized systems of energy and highly destructors "

This industry which brings back 5 billions of dollars - energy and transport - is currently highly centralized, measured and lucrative. It’s this industry which leads the industrialized world in its entirety. It’s the mother of all special interests. It isn’t a question of money as you and me think, but it is a question of geopolitical power - the power centralized itself which manages the order in the current world. The world was maintained in a state of continual war, poverty without end for the majority of earthmen and of global environmental ruin, just to support this demonic world order.

As elaborate as is this game, there is one on top of that: control via the fear. As Werner Von Braun said it to Dr. Carol Rosin, his spokesman during 4 last years of his life, a machine maniac - the military, industrial, scientific complex and intelligence (espionage, security) - would pass from the cold war to the underhand nations, from there to global terrorism (the step to which we are today) then, to the ultimate card of asset: A threat fabricate from beginning to end like coming from space.

For possibly justifying the spending of billions of dollars to arm the airspace, one would make believe in the population that she is threatened by the extraterrestrials, thus using the fear to join together the nations in militarism and the war.

Doctor Steven Greer affirms that since 1992, at least a dozen informed people of the interior came to reveal this plan to him.

The testimony of Dr. Rosin was revealed during the “Revelation Project”; it was before September 11, 2001. And others still said to him explicitly that things which look like UFO( but which are built and under the control of "black" projects highly secret) were used to simulate events during which the self styled extraterrestrials revealed their presence . That included some kidnappings of people and the mutilation of cattle, in order to sow first seeds of cultural fear facing the presence of the life in space.

To such an extent that after global terrorism, events would precipitate which would use the Vehicles reproduced according to extraterrestrial technology (VRTE, that is to say vehicles which were manufactured by humans, following to their study of spaceships ET real according to the technique of reversed engineering; see the Disclosure book by the same author) to hatch an hoax of an attack on earth.

As in the movie Independence Day , an attempt would be made to unite the world through militarism, using ET as new cosmic scapegoat (think to Jews during Third Reich).

This scenario would be incomplete without specifying that Americans controls the massive synthesis of antimatter. They can boost mini-bombs, the "bucky balls" of minute quantities of antimatter. Size of a golf ball, thermal shield included. Unit power: 40 tons of TNT, clean, no nuclear winter. The yanks have enough with it to destroy China, in case. But it exist also bombs of a million megatons which were tested initially on the sun, where it was gone unnoticed, lost in the fragments of comet Kreutz, then on Jupiter (affair Shumaker Lévy).

You don’t believe that ? Ask Schumaker. Oh yes... there is a problem: he had a car accident three years later in Australia and he died. Too bad.

Read this article : Anti-matter alrready tested

Jean Pierre Petit, French astrophysicist, have a second assumption: the gray, working the tail in the tail with the Americans, control the operation from the very depths of Area 51.


I say to you: we live in a beautiful time.

In my opinion all is plausible in these texts, except an important detail: the Yankees can’t have developed lonely these technologies from simple fragments. If they exist, they will have needed the supervision of certain extraterrestrials collaborating in secret with them, it isn’t sure, but possible.

With this simple fact, we can’t thus obviously consider that these precise E.T would be benevolent to humanity ! unless supposing that they were deceived and eliminated by Americans, which " would be really far-fetched ! "

A double disinfomation appears more rational to envisage.

It may be thus, more logically, that a stage of the M.O.W plan to come, either that the psychological effects of the threat terrorism faded, this one is replaced with the enormous psychological shock of a fictitious attack coming from Space.

This one being organized by themselves, with or without the assistance of their allies E.T, a proportion of opinion being conditioned - to add to total confusion - to see those like savers. Perhaps also a program to condition us to confuse our enemies with our friends, and reciprocally...

It’s paranoiac, yes! but impossible: NO.

The hypothesis which seems most crazy, but which is in fact most plausible, is that currently we are - without our knowledge - the stake of a cosmic conflict, in which we have also certainly friends.

They will come, confidence...
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Hot information a long time hidden:

three giant vessels would be in orbit around Saturn.


We clearly discerns them on this old photo so-called taken by the Voyager probe,

but is this photo authentic? The answer about these objects is at the end of the article, surprising!

Message of Shannon Kluge ,Greenville, South Carolina January 31, 1996

January 30, the radio programme of Alan Handlemann from Greenville, South Carolina, presented an interview with a scientist of NASA, Dr. Bergrun, where one discussed about his new book, " The Ring-Makers of Saturn".

Dr. Bergrun revealed that NASA received photographs Voyager probe

showing the Saturn's rings where one can see three machines of cigar shape.

The size of one of these machines is estimated to be the same as Earth.

The EMV (ElectroMagnetic Vehicle), as Dr. Bergrun indicates it, would be intelligently controlled. When we asked him why NASA hadn’t obtained an image of it before, Dr. Bergrun answered that they tend to hide. He affirmed that, according to him, the Saturn's rings hide several other machines. The scientist of NASA added that apparently this giant EMV exerts an influence on the Saturn's rings, perhaps an attraction.

When we asked him why NASA and the other governmental agencies didn’t issue this information public before, Dr. Bergrun answered that the act of 1958 about the publication of photos and the data coming from space was subjected to the determination that those didn’t represent a threat; and a machine of this size would be considered as a threat, and one would be allotted to him a great military power. Therefore, it would be treated in the " hidden budgets of the military information agencies ".

Dr. Bergrun says that we could see windows on the side of this enormous machine on form of cigar. The book, " The Ring-Makers of Saturn " is supposed to show a photo taken by Voyager of this enormous EMV. Dr. Bergrun claims that this vessel is definitively enough large to support a whole civilization.

For more precise scientific information on these three mysterious objects, compare
1° This page of a private site where are in particular the photographs taken by infrared on April 26, 1996 by Hubble, credit P Nicholson and N.A.S.A

2° and the same photograph of April 26, but on the official site of the N.A.S.A, where we can see the small moons Pandora, Prometheus, Mimas, and also indeed three objects having the shape of luminous cigars: if this link didn’t operate to go on (to copy/stick) and to seek the image published on May 12, 1996.

I extracted from these images what appears to me most convincing:

We distinguish in A and B two cylinders luminous, that is to say more heats that their environment,

here one of these cylinders B left the ring, which that distinctly sees (unless it is a third come then).

Neither a moon, nor an asteroid can have these forms, seem to me, and nor to change orbit, whereas have made these gigantic vessels hidden in the Saturn's rings for at least 6 years? NASA doesn’t give any comment on these objects, it’s a surprise that this point intrigue nobody! or does it know too well what they are?

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A call of the Earth, aid of the Galactic Federation.


As the chances that the humanity - fooled by the insouciance of its leaders - can solve, in the short period of time which remains to it, its major problems leading it to its extinction (according to the decent opinion of our best scientists) becomes each day close to zero.
The only real chance which us remainder is that a help comes from the sky.
But it may be that rules of no-interference exist, and require that to receive this help it be necessary that we make the request of it. So well let us make there!

What do we risk ? NOTHING! and it’s said that: "do you know a better solution? "

sens-de comes to launch this call.
Consequently, read, then diffuse this URL in the whole world:

and let us await the result: it can only be positive, or not to be.

Finally, that doesn’t prevent us to feel responsible and to do all that is in our capacity, here

Our challenge

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