Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter IX - Wisdom

IX-01: The teaching of the two Great Snakes from Orient and Occident, 21 seeds for the next age.

IX-02: Restore the Respect as the supreme value.

IX-03: How to Restore the Harmony.

Part 1 - The two Great Snakes' Teachings

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience.

"To teach superstitions as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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The Two Great Snakes'

Teachings, a site that is giving again to the Man the seeds of ancient times that will become new again. (Ampéwi Nunpa)

Free Your Mind from Any Powers's Conditioning


The Two Snakes Hopi Legend


The Mission

At the world's creation there were eons,

and two snakes were entrusted with the mission of being the Guardians of the Earth,

and were placed by the Mother-Source at the planet's antipodes:

one of in the East and the other one in the West.



At the end of each cycle both snakes wake up to embody in two human beings, whose function is to give to the Humans -before their imminent destruction-, the Seeds of Knowledge, so that a new era reemerge to create a new golden age built on perfect basis.


The Two Guardian Snakes.



They were born

In a hostile environment.


Far away memories

Sang in their thoughts

Very old great happiness,

And big misfortunes.


For a long time,

They tried to find

Why they were here

And what was the meaning

Of their strange lives


With no noise

And not really realizing what was happening,

They woke up

to their mainspring on this Planet,


But In these Legendary Times

Where the World's destruction was imminent,


They didn't know to whom they could entrust with such diffused and crazy secret and



One day,

By unexpected circumstances,


One coming from the East,

and the other one from the West,


They recognized each other:

Yin and Yang:

The Sacred Snakes

Assigned to serve humans.


Guardians of the Seeds. 


Guardians of the Earth


Who are they ?


The world will know the one from Orient, but not the one from Occident.

They work together such as Yin and Yang.

These 'Sacred Nipers' were appointed by our Mother-Source

To annihilate the Cause of the World's Destruction.

The Two Snakes' Duty was to Secure the Earth.


Their Warning

They denounce the couple of holographic impostors

launched by your enemies to create the confusion, inside themselves, and take over the World

The " Great Monarch "

(the one that would stop the final battle within a few years ... and who would inaugurate the beginning of the next 1000 years of Peace)
The " Holy Pope "

(the one that would come after the Antichrist and reign in Rome
after John-Paul II's death)

who are nothing more than two henchmen of the satanic spirit.


The 21 Golden Seeds.
Out of their underground sleep, which started at the beginning of the Tetrà Yuga about 2.165.000 years ago, both Great Snakes from Orient and Occident after 60 years devoted to their awakening and games, felt that it was time for them to give Humankind the 21 Sacred Seeds for which they were the trustees for such a long time.




The 12 Seeds of Orient.


The 7 Seeds of Understanding.

Seed01  The Meaning we can express is not the Eternal Meaning

Seed 2  The one who undervalues Life, tries by all means to not lose his life; that's why he does not carries LIFE

Seed03  The one who knows his own virility but also accepts its own femininity, becomes a source where the Strength of the World piles up

Seed04  Whenever anybody on Earth starts to take 'the good' for The Good, the Bad is immediately involved.

Seed05  Trying to conquer and manipulate the world, means heading straight to fiasco.

Seed06   He works without acting. He teaches without talking.

Seed07 He produces and does not possess . He acts and keeps nothing. Once his work's done, he's not wired to it.



The 5 Seeds of Humans' Government

Seed08 Get rid of the "holiness", reject what they call "knowledge". People will feel much better.

Seed09 Get rid of morality, reject "duties" and People will turn back to Family Duties and Love.

Seed 10 Get rid of cleverness, reject profit and there will be no more thieves or bandits.

Seed 11 Show Simplicity, and be attached to Integrity! Reduce selfishness and moderate your desires!  

Seed 12 The absence of desires creates Serenity and the world goes the right way by itself.  


The 9 Seeds of Occident.
to Control Oneself.

Seed 13   Do not be afraid that your individuality get absorbed by greater spirits than yours.

Seed 14 Blaming the others is a barrier to reach the understanding of who we are.

Seed 15 Raising our own conscience implies being receptive, attentive, available, free, sober, and healthy.

Seed 16 May your acts spring from yourself as a Fire that has no personal aim such as lightening, heating, or destroying.

Seed 17 Whoever tries to take lessons from his present experience, is separated from it by that same way.

Seed 18 Freeing your feelings, is observing them without interference.

Seed 19   Desires are powerful stimulants for Creativity, Love and Longevity... Giving up to be attached to deisres without trying to destroy them is the root of Joy, which is the opposite is the root of suffering.

Seed 20 The one who is permanently conscious of the present moment, and conscious that only This is real, then becomes conscious that there is no " I ".


Seed 21   The Illumination can not occur as long as we consider it as a state of consciousness.





The one who understands these words does not need anything else.

Readers, my friends, these words are seeds.

We don't have to think or try to understand a seed: we simply plant it in the soil.

We do it so that it grows at its own rhythm and, if the soil is good, becomes a beautiful tree and give good fruits.

If the soil is bad or barren, the seed will develop badly or will die.

It depends on the soil...

You can't understand these words, or just a little bit with your mental capacities,

But you should to feel them with your entire body.

Once you have felt them, they will become You.



Truth enters in one second

inside of the one who can step aside.


Ampéwi Numpa



In all Asia, the Nagas -Celestial Snakes- or Royal Cobras, are highly respected.

Pali texts say that while Prince Cakya Mouni, "Siddharta", was meditating a gigantic Cobra

came and unfurled it's hood over his bare head to protect him from the monsoon,

as it's well represented on the statue above. And these statues can be anywhere.

The 12 first 'seeds' are derived from the Tao Te King by Lao Tseu, called "Long Ears".

Seed No.13 is derived from: Jens Peter Jacobsen, and seeds No. 17 and 18 are derived from the philosopher Alan Watts.

The idea of this presentation, and seeds No° : 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21 are from myself.

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