Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter X - Sexology and Society.

I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I believe (or he/she believes) the reliability of the source.

"To teach superstitions as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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Sexology and Society

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1.05 All those things that have never been unveiled about sex.

Free your mind from the Power's indoctrination.

« Sexual feelings are tremendous in the way that, by their own feeling of pleasure, Humans can give pleasure to other Humans» (Nietzsche).


"You would have lived a sexual revolution...?"

Danger of misunderstanding what is Sexual Freedom

The Art of Love.

Erotic Art and Literature.

James W. Prescott' s surprising Study.

Finally, what can we think about sex?

The different meanings of the verb "to Love" .

The differences between universal love and Universal Love.

Overview of different kinds of Sexualities.

Our Readers' Words.

A Sketch of Conclusion.

A simple principle on the challenge of the topical period.

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 Sex is one of the most important dimensions of the Human Being that is advisable to fully understand and control, to be able to enjoy it at its best and avoid suffering of its possible consequences, which are inevitable to those who do not control it.

At first, Sex stops to be a cause of addiction and pain, only the day it is harmoniously integrated into us. The only Way to reach Freedom and Consciousness Supra-Dimensions is to get freed from sex addiction. To reach these Supra-Dimensions is the Final Goal of our Lives, and only a few of us are able to fulfill this Goal because of sex, which is a serious obstacle.

Learning to control this Sacred Energy should not be done -in any event while young- by asceticism, deprivation and chastity as taught by religious teachings and particularly by religions coming from the Bible (Judaism, Christianity and Islamism), because it only brings Human to Neurosis, Aggressiveness and Deviating Sexual Behaviors which are deeply Dangerous for the Society .

Which can explain how Chastity of Catholic Priests, originally supposed to change them into Saints, transformed them into notorious Pedophiles, shameful Pederasts, or at best old consenting women Studs? You can have a look at the page dedicated to Religions, if not already done, and the shattering substantiations against Religious

Sex Repression only leads to Violence, as revealed by neurophysiologist James W Prescott, which is a suicidal tendency for a Society like ours which is endowed with dangerous weapons. Moreover, Minimization of the Woman - indeed their exploitation as slaves- as everyone can observe it in Muslim but also in Judeo-Christian countries.

Whereas Societies where sexual relations are not considered as a taboo generate Sane and Happy People, as everyone can observe, even if it only remains a few of them.

The highest priority, if you want to get freed from the satanic implants in your mind regarding Sex and generated by religions, is to start to wake up and realize what is your way of thinking and to express yourself.

In the West, usual words that are used to point out Sex reflect a very serious Mind Disease. For example the word "con" (which means cunt) -in French language, is the most common word to designate an idiot or someone who's considered as an inferior. Finally, this word takes its roots from the old French word "conin" which designated the women's sex, or vulva.

In other words, "Con" means that: "I insult you with the vilest organ of the most inferior and submissive creature, that is the Woman

I prefer to stop the list here, but Be Aware that there is absolutely no reason to give words that designate sexual organs or sexual coupling, the usual pejorative meaning they are given. This is the only reflect of a Coarsely Double-Tongued and Neurotic Civilization, that has been Sodomizing You (to talk like you do!) for 20 Centuries. It is not an easy task to recover from such a Brain-Washing, but this website has been especially created to help you to escape the trap.

01 - " You would have lived a Sexual Revolution...".



You are supposed to be freed from the Judeo-Christian taboos since the "May '68 social Revolution"...
Which is totally Wrong !
In fact, Sex still poses major problems in Western societies and people still perceive it as a taboo because they are highly deficient in this domain.
What enables me to assert this theory?
The answer is very simple, and is the result of the analysis of 5 factors:
wThe quotidian aggressiveness in human relationship,

wThe absence of smile and real spontaneous cheerfulness in human relationship,

wThe divorce rate, which is a proof that marriages are founded on wrong basis ,

wThe ubiquitous pornography as a sexual virtual substitute: Sexuality is not experienced with a real partner, but through a computer monitor, a magazine or a video tape,

wAn excessive and greedy use of sex -particularly on holiday- as soon as a westerner can freely do it and when he/she is out of the sight of those who could judge him/her.

These 5 factors are the Obvious Symptoms of a Critical Deficiency

Why does such a deficiency exist?

This is simply coming from Your long-time Judeo-Christian Cultural legacy, which neither enables you to fully understand the place of Sex in your lives, nor to live it and harmoniously integrate it in your societies.

Why is it NECESSARY to talk about it?

We know since a long time that a lack of physical contacts and pleasures -especially during the childhood and adolescence periods- generates Aggressiveness in human relations: All Studies demonstrate this fact.

In the other hand, when Sexual Energy can not be naturally evacuated, it is redirected into other forms of expression, which are most of the time mental disorders or neurosis: especially through an over-activity that, in fact, overshadows the real needs. The result is hardly a Masterpiece, but most of the time a Monstrosity.

Moreover, have You ever Thought about this?
Due to Feminism and "Mores Freeing", the Woman has been used like an object by advertising to increase Sales.

" Finally, consequences have not be a Freeing, but a Frustration for women not so physically attractive, and also for the Men who became increasingly psychologically dependant of this Ideal of the Perfect Woman. Instead of appeasing them, it only Increased their Aggressiveness Unconsciously.

During this time the Masters of the Game -Model Agencies, Advertising Companies, Show Business etc...- have gathered the most beautiful women around them, in a Sexual Freedom and Happiness Ambiance: it would be hardly possible to overtop such a mockery to the People, while making financial profit.

Moreover, what is happening now is the latest "Evolution": the "Beautiful" Woman (whom responds to the despotic "Standards of Beauty") wants also to be considered by the Medias as "Intelligent". As a result, porno actresses are now shown by the media as real artists. Consequently (and because it is accepted by the majority), it is now hardly possible to denounce this manipulation (and the money-sex relation) without being considered as an old-fashioned or sexist person. Can you imagine the soreness of the honorable women who damage their health by simultaneously working hard and taking care of their children? This is a real factor of the society's disintegration. In a word, they are creating a society of Whores!

Néo Trouvvv

02 - The Danger of Misunderstanding what is Sexual Freedom.

By Tifleur copyright

Why not?


The 1968's "Sexual Revolution" did not consist in a come back to common sense values about sex, by simply eliminating the senseless restraints advocated by Religions: it only allowed you to do foolish things! Of course, humans did not forego...

What People forgot is that the Introduction to a Harmonious but Controlled Sexuality is the foundation of Civilized Collectivities. .
Why ?  

It is simply because a genuine civilization can only be based on adults who are emotionally level-headed and responsible. Such adults only can result of a "good birth": a loving mother in a family where both parents are present, and of course a good education; the most important parameter being the harmonious example the parents give to their offspring.

Now in the topical societies, any kinds of decency, common sense or lowliness have completely disappeared.


wYou have abolished all the social differences between mothers and single-parent mothers, and also between the different forms of sexuality: these that are constructive for the societies, and those that represent a danger for the well-being of families, and consequently a danger for children.

wYou allow couples of homosexuals to adopt children, depriving these children of the duality Male/Female, which is crucial for their psychological and emotional well-being.

wYou encourage women to work -even those who don't need it (surely because it costs you less to employ them!)- so that your children are educated in the streets.

wAny girls or boys can watch X movies on TV specialized channels, when parents are not at home, so that soon or later their own sexual experiences will be perverted; or will lose, in any case, the discovery's wonder.

Hey, That's Real !
However, when humans copulate like animals, they separate the same way.

The consequence of this sexual disorder and loss of spirituality is that your Females generate not demanded offspring, who soon become undesirable for your society.

They become undesirable for the simple fact that all psycho-sociological studies have proved that children rejected by their own mother hate the Society and tend to become murderers.

These children are called the "Children of Love: Love? Fuck it! Children "of Fuck", is the most suitable idiom. There are so many of them in Brazil, and these kids form organized gangs of thieves and murderers. Brazilian Police Corps is so powerless to stem this Nuisance that they prefer to settle this serious social problem by killing these kids, as a Preventive Way Out: exactly like Riddance of Rats! Would you like this kind of situation spreads worldwide? The Increasing Proliferation of this Undesirable Offspring is, and will be more and more, an unlimited source of Disturbance for Humankind.

It is Not Possible to Build a Harmonious Society with such a Substance!

03 - The Art of Love

He spends his time hunting!

And he talks about the Art of Love!!!

Myth of Universal Love:

Universal Love, considered as an Energy in itself that would have the properties to solve all the problems and to give birth a new Golden Era, is founded on the inversion of the sense of this word. Love is a state of resonance between two people, which includes feelings of sympathy, pleasure and well-being. This is the Consequence of the Harmony which took place, beforehand, in their relationship founded on a mutual respect. There is absolutely no interrelation with any transcendental energy, such as the force of gravity for example. This is only a concept, a word invented by humankind to indicate a certain type of relationship, and nothing else.

The Art of Love is to love someone else for himself/herself (and for who he/she is only), to want his happiness without expecting anything in return.

The Art of Love is also having a temper strong enough to get rid of the "vampire" partner, or just the partner who is not suitable.

Any other form of Love generated by the attachment of the ego to sexual pleasure and the body of someone else becomes, soon or later, a cause of pain. Because of the contingency of falsehood or insincerity of the partner, but mainly because of the impermanence of everything, and this even if the partner is faithful and perfect.

04 - Erotic Art and Literature.


photo Ron Harris/Ampewi


SHRIMP: An exceptional Thai Artist Photographer:

Les contes grivois de Jean de la Fontaine:


Kama Sutra: The arts of love and how to increase our own sexual power:

The art of caressing a woman:

The art of caressing a man:

The art of preliminaries in general:

I am the Savior of couples in distress! Who will give me a medal?

05 - James W Prescott.

The existing links between social structures and social attitude, regarding sexual behavior and aggressiveness.

Neuro-psychologist James W Prescott carried out a surprising statistical test on four hundred pre-industrialized societies from different cultures. And he found out that societies, where a physical affection was provided to young kids, had a tendency to avoid violence. Nevertheless, he found that societies where this kind of behavior with kids was not a rule could also generate non-violent adults, at the condition that sexual activity is not being repressed amongst teenagers.

Interesting, isn't it!?

Photo Ron Harris/Ampewi

Prescott estimates that:
"Cultures that predispose to violence are those where individuals have been deprived of physical pleasure -at least during the two critical periods of their life: childhood and adolescence. Theft, organized religions and excessive show off wealth emerge very sparsely in societies where physical affection is given. On the other hand, the societies where children are victims of corporal punishments have a tendency to slavery; murders are prevalent as well as torture or mutilation of the enemies; inferiority of women is a principle, as well as faith in the influence, of one or many supernatural beings in the everyday life. "

Prescott wrote:

" A society that naturally gives affection to its kids, as well as tolerance concerning pre-marital sexual behavior, only has an approximate 2% rate to become physically violent. And a probability for such a correlation due to random event is 1/125000."

Carl Sagan wrote in Cosmos, Edition Mazarine -page 332: :

" If Prescot' s theory is right, it means that Mistreating Children and Repressing Sexuality - regarding humankind's atomic weapon and its efficient birth control- are Crimes Against Humanity."

"Physical Pleasure and Origin of Violence"


James W. Prescott

James W. Prescott is a Neuro-psychologist and Health Administrator at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, Maryland. He is also Member of Direction Board of the American Humanist Association. The following article was partially published, by the World Future Society, in The Futurist magazine issued on April 1975.

James W Prescott asserts that the biggest threat to Global Peace is coming from countries where societies provide a very poor environment to their children, and that are the most repressive concerning sexual feelings and female sexuality expression.

" Human Violence is suddenly becoming a Worldwide Epidemic. Across the planet police has to face bellicose crowds, terrorists disrupting Olympic Games, pirates high jacking planes and bombing buildings. In the course of the last years, wars have been spreading in the Middle East, Cyprus and in South East Asia, while guerilla warfare continues to increase in Ireland. While, Criminality Grows Quicker than Inflation in the U.S.A.. Statistics of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) show that serious crimes have increased of 16% during the first 6 months of 1974, which is one of the most noticeable growths since the FBI records facts. "

Until we will not be able to isolate and deal with the Causes of Violence, we will continue to live in a World of Fear and Anxiety. Unfortunately, Violence is often the only solution to fight Violence. And a large part of the Police Force urges for a tougher application of the laws, as a solution to reduce criminality. To imprison people, which is our usual way to face criminality, will not resolve the problem because the causes of Violence are rooted in our Fundamental Values, as well as the Way we Grow our Children. Physical Punishments, Movies and Violent TV Shows teach our children that Violence is a Normal Thing. Yet, these childhood experiences are not the only (even not the fundamental) roots of our violent behaviors.

Recent researches support the point of view asserting that Physical Pleasure Deprivation is the principal factor of Physical Violence.

The common association between Sexuality and Violence gives us an indication to understand Physical Violence in term of Physical Pleasure Deprivation.

Unlike violence, pleasure seems to be a feeling that always remains unsatisfied. People are always in search of new forms of pleasure, though most of our pleasant activities seem to be some substitutes to the tactile sensory pleasure. We touch to get pleasure or to inflict pain, or we just do not touch. Even if physical pleasure and physical violence seem to be diametrically opposed to one another, it appears to be that there is a subtle and inner conjunction between these two feelings. In any case, Violence will continue to Increase until the moment we will be able to understand the Relation between Pleasure and Violence.

As a Neuro-psychologist of the Development, I have devoted several studies to the particular Relation between Violence and Pleasure. And I am now convinced that Physical Pleasure Deprivation is the principal Root of Violence. Laboratory experiences with animals show that pleasure and violence have a mutual relation, which implies that the presence of one of these feelings inhibits the other one. For example, a furious and violent animal suddenly calms down when electrodes stimulate the centers of pleasure in its brain. Similarly, the stimulation of violence's centers can make end to the animal's sensual pleasure and its peaceful attitude. When the circuits of pleasure are switched on, those of violence are switched off, and vice versa. Amongst humans, a pleasure-oriented personality rarely shows off an aggressive attitude, while a violent personality is hardly able to experiment and enjoy activities that are sensually pleasant. If one of these two constants increases, the other one automatically decreases.

A Sensory Deficiency:
The reciprocal relation between pleasure and violence is highly significant because, some of the sensory experiences in the period of a Child's development will create predisposition, either for the quest of violence or the quest of pleasure. I am convinced that many social behavior and abnormal emotions, resulting of what psychologists call the "socio-maternal" deficiency (which means a lack of loving and tender carefulness), are provoked by a unique type of sensory deficiency: the Somato Sensory. Derived from the Greek idiom which means "body", this word reflects the sense of contact and corporal movement, by opposition to the luminous perceptions, the sense of hearing, the sense of taste and the sense of touch. I believe that a deficiency of touch, contacts and corporal movements, is the fundamental origin of emotional disorders including depressive, autism, hyper-activity, sexual deviations, drug abuse, violence and aggressiveness.
Violence, regarding Sexuality and the use of Sexuality for Violence -particularly against women, takes its roots in the Biblical Tradition.

These ideas are mainly inspired from Harry F. and Margaret K. Harlow's laboratory studies, University of Wisconsin. These two scientists and their students have separated (at birth) some baby monkeys from their mothers. Each of these baby monkeys have been raised in a single cage from where they could develop social relationships with the others through eye sight, audition and smell, except their sense of touch and movement. This study -and others, showed that a corporal contact and physical movement deficiency (and not the deprivation of the other senses) generates a large diversity of abnormal behavior for the animals raised in seclusion. And it's well known that human babies and children hospitalized or placed in an institution during a long period, with little tactile physical contact and understanding, develop abnormal behavior such as rocking or convulsive shaking-head.

Despite the study of the pathological violence observed in the monkeys raised in seclusion is well documented, the link between the early somato-sensorial deficiency and the human physical violence is not clearly demonstrated. Several studies on juvenile delinquents and adults criminals clearly underline a dark family background: broken families and/or abusive parents. These studies rarely mentioned or evaluated the physical affection deficiency's level, even if we often can deduct carelessness or abuse (and guess the ampleness of the seriousness of the problems). Brandt F. Steele et C. B. Pollock -psychiatrists (University of Colorado), made a study which is an exception regarding to the topic. They studied a case of child abuse in three family generations where children were physically abused. And they discovered that parents who sexually abused their children had systematically suffered of a physical affection deficiency during their childhood, and that their adult sexual life was very limited. Steele observed that women who abused their children had never experienced an orgasm (for most of the cases). The level of sexual pleasure experienced by men who abused their children has never been established, but in general their sexual life was unsatisfactory. The best way to evaluate the veracity of the hypothesis that, pleasure actively inhibits physical violence, is to have a look at our own experience: How many of us want to physically attack someone after an orgasm?

Human societies that tolerate and accept pre-marital and extra-marital sexuality should be less violent than those that prohibit these behaviors

Cultural anthropologists have collected the required data to test our hypothesis on human societies; and their works are conveniently gathered in "A Cross-Cultural Summary of R.B. Textor [1]. Textor's work is fundamentally a research tool for inter cultural statistical analyses. Data offer 20,000 correlation statistically significant derived from cultural samples of primitive societies.

Child Negligence/Adult Violence.
Some variables that reflect physical affection (such as games and cuddles with children) have been associated to other variables that measure crime and violence (theft frequency, murder frequency, etc...). Correlations are shown in charts. The indications (in percentage) reflect the correlation between variables; for example high affection/low violence plus base affection/high violence. All the charts follow this process.

Societies classified "High" or "Low" in the Infant Physical Affection Scale have been examined regarding their level of violence. The results (Chart 1) clearly show that societies that give to their children more physical affection are characterized by a low theft rate, low physical pain, low religious activity, and a very low rate of murders, mutilations or torture of the enemy. These data clearly confirm that the physical pleasure deficiency during childhood is significantly in relation with a high rate of crimes and violence.

Some societies physically punish their children to instill discipline into them; some others do not. We can determine if this punishment reflects a concern for the child's well-being by correlating it with the care manifested to children. The results (Chart 2) show that societies that inflict pain and discomfort to their children also tend to neglect them. These results hardly encourage believing in the morals derived from the following proverbs (24: 13-14): "Do not spare children when you punish them, and if you hit them with a stick they won't die! Hit them hard with a stick and you will free their soul from evil."

The adult physical violence has been foreseen in 36 of 49 cultures (73%), considering the child physical affection variable. The probability that a correlation would be due to hazard is only 4 per 1000.

13% of the 49 societies studied seem to be an exception to the theory asserting that a lack of somato-sensorial pleasure generates physically violent people (see Chart 3). We were supposing that cultures that grant a high value to physical pleasure during childhood would maintain these values while adult. It was not the case. The children's education practices do not enable us to predict a later model of sexual behavior. However, this obvious contradiction becomes profitable for further predictions.

Childhood's Pleasure and Pain Long Term Consequences.
Human societies substantially vary regarding children care. In some cultures parents overflow their children with physical affection, whereas in other societies parents physically punish them. A study of anthropologic data by author [2], shows that societies giving a lot of physical affection to their children, virtually does not suffer of theft and violence in the adult sphere; which confirms the theory asserting that a physical affection deficiency during childhood is significantly linked to a high rate of crimes and violence. The chart below shows how affection or punishment on children is linked with other variables. For example, cultures that inflict pain to children have a higher tendency to practice slavery, polygynia, etc...

In the charts, N refers to the number of cultures compared; and P is the probability thatt the relation observed can result of hazard (which has been calculated with the Fischert's Probability Scale).



Adults' behaviors in societies where children are cherished and receive physical affection
Adults' behaviors, % percentage, N: number of culture studied, P: probability.
Low ostentation of wealth: 66 %, N 50, P 06.

Low rate of thefts: 72 %, N 36, P 02.

Indulgence towards children: 80 %, N 66, P 0000.

Low physical pain suffered by children: 65 %, N 63, P 03.

MInsubstantial murder, torture and mutilation of the enemies: 73 %, N 49, P 004.

Low religious activities: 81 %, N 27, P 003.



Adults' behaviors in societies where the parents or the tutors inflict physical pain to the children.
Adults' behaviors, % percentage, N: number of culture studied, P: probability.
Presence of slavery: 64 %, N 66, P 03.

Polygynia: 79 %, N 34, P 001

Low status for women: 78 %, N14, P 03

Low physical affection towards children: 65 %, N 63, P03.

Low indulgence towards children: 77 %, N 66, P 000.

Low development of children's nurturer temper: 67 %, N 45, P 05.

Aggressive Deities/Gods: 64 %, N 36, P 01.

"If we compare the six societies characterized together by a high affection for children and a high violence regarding pre-marital sexual behavior, we surprisingly discover that five of these societies apply a repression on pre-marital sexuality, and highly valorizing virginity. It seems that the beneficial impact of the physical affection can be cancelled by a subsequent repression of physical pleasure (pre-marital sexuality).

All the seven societies, characterized by a low physical affection towards children and a low physical violence of the adults, prove that they are characterized by permissive pre-marital sexual behaviors. Thereby, the negative effect of the deficiency of physical affection towards children seems to be compensated by subsequent pleasant sexual experiences during the adolescence. These discoveries lead up to reconsider the theory of the somato-sensory pleasure deficiency, by developing a new theory with two grades, which enables to explain the physical violence in 48 of the 49 cultures studied."

In short, violence can emerge from a deficiency of somato-sensory pleasure, either during childhood or during adolescence.

More information on:


It seems to be clear that our world only has a very limited time to change its violent way of solving conflicts. We are facing uncertainty regarding to know if we have enough time to undo the damage done and perpetrated by countless previous generations; and how many future generations our world will need to modify the topical violent psycho-biology to a more peaceful one.

06 - What should you finally think about Sex ?



The Judeo-Christian concept is obviously the opposite of the concept defined above.

" The refusal of the somato-sensory pleasure, exposed in Paul's doctrine, generated alternative sources of relief through painful stimulations such as self-lashing, self-mutilation, physical violence against other people, and the use of drugs which do not procure sensory pleasure effects.

Experimental studies made on animals clearly exemplify this phenomenon. For example we could establish that animals devoid of somato-sensory stimulations start to mutilate their own bodies. Very young animals devoid of tactile contacts develop a weak perception of pain and a tactile contact aversion with others. That inhibits the possibility to experiment a therapy based on corporal pleasure. In these conditions, they have a few alternatives out of physical violence where a pain-oriented contact is eased by their weakened sense of pain. As a result, violence and physical pain are the most suitable therapies for those who've been deprived of physical pleasure.

These theories raise the question on how Christian philosophy and theology, which were deeply inspired by Aristotle, could avoid (if not reject!) Aristotle's teaching concerning the pleasure's morality. The roots of this question can be discovered in the Old Testament, especially from the beginning, in the Genesis' review where Adam and Eve are evicted from the Garden of Eden.

The first consequence of Eve's fault is that nudity became shameful. This could be the beginning of the enmity of men towards women, and also the relation made between women and Demon, especially the demons of the flesh. This is accurately exemplified by Zachariah's (5:5-8) depiction of an angel:

"It is a bushel coming on." He added: "It is their iniquity, everywhere in the country" Suddenly a disc of lead rose up; and I saw a woman staying inside the bushel. He said: "This is mischievousness", he pushed her back inside the bushel and thrown the circle of lead on the hole."

Violence towards sexuality and the use of sexuality for violence, especially against women, take their roots in the biblical tradition and was experimented very early. Genesis' nineteenth chapter (19:1-11), in the first book of the Old Testament, asserts that the rape of a woman is acceptable, but the rape of a man is perverse. The Chapter on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah describes the hospitality that Lot offered to two travelers (actually two angels)

They were still not sleeping when the house got surrounded by the men of the town, the people of Sodom, both young and old, nobody was missing. They called Lot and told him: "Where are the men who came to your house tonight? Bring them to us, we want to abuse of us." Lot went out of to the front steps of his house and closed the door behind him, then he answered: "I beg you my brothers: Do not commit evil! Look, my two daughters are still virgin and I will bring them to you: do whatever you want with them, but please leave these men alone, as they are in my home." But they answered him: "Get out of my way! You are just a stranger and you would like to be our judge! Well, we will hurt you even more than them!" They squeezed Lot very strongly and came close to the door to break it down. ..."

James W Prescott

So what?

It's a truism to me, but nobody seems to see it so I will tell what we should think about it:

There's nothing more natural!

There is nothing more pleasant!

Do you know a better factor of personal sanity and health?

Do you know a better process of social cohesion and communication?

Which is not very important !

In fact, sex is like food: it becomes very important at the moment it is lacking. And lack is not good; because someone starving for a long period quickly becomes a guzzler and eats like a pig (wrongly, quickly and too much), as soon as he/she has the opportunity. From there it becomes a habit, even when food becomes plentiful again.

And it looks like the topical relation that Westerners nourish with sex...

wWhilst a satiated man naturally becomes a Gourmet; he slowly eats selected fine food and only when he is hungry: because abundance helps him to reach the good sense of detachment which helps him to enjoy life, erasing desires and fears -especially the "lack"- of the ego.

It would be preferable to behave so.

Finally, the comparison ends here: because "sexual food" needs another factor which is the Others (with their own feelings and sensibility), and we have to respect and not hurt them to satisfy our own appetite... even in a sophisticated manner.

The heart of the problem is here...
Consequently, managing our relation with sex becomes an Art,

A Major Art.

It is an Art, because:
wIf shortage is an obstacle, the abundance is also an obstacle, in another way!

wOf both situations, humankind can progress the most in a situation of abundance -if the person is well-taught-: because progress is totally impossible in a situation of shortage.

wIt is also an art since we must control this powerful desire in our everyday lives -of which the accomplishment is vital to keep sane- with the obligation of not hurting the others.

The Chinese call this art "The Law of the Middle", and it is exactly the same thing than the engraving on the pediments of the ancient Greek temples "Nothing too much". This art is the religion (and the original ethic) of Nature and Wisdom.


Would it be reasonable to say that living a sane sexuality would help to solve the worldwide topical problems ?


Simply because aggressiveness, and a constant desire to futilely improve things (that are already perfect by themselves), come from the frustration of unrealized existential desires.

wA happy man who healthfully enjoys life, making love with beautiful women, thrilling in unison with the Nature do not masturbate his brain to invent a green mouse, a luminous rabbit or a luminous monkey (true)

wOr worse, a virus genetically modified that would be able to destroy a specific ethnic group, as I recently read...

wOr, ever accumulating billions of dollars and being aware of the fact that 35.000 poor children die everyday. And just sarcastically ignore them while such a billionaire could easily save them by offering 1/10000 of his fortune.

Don't you have a headache reading this website?

Photo Ron Harris 


07 - Finally, what is Love ?


There is a certain confusion coming from the vocabulary: for example the term "to make love" is totally senseless! Moreover, telling to someone "I love fried chicken" and later, while dining, tell the same person "I love you", has a disturbing side for the person who is loved...
To conclude, let's have a closer look the most bizarre verb of the vocabulary: the verb "To Love".

I read that the Sanskrit language has several verbs to express "to love". Here are, according to myself, the different meanings of this word:

1 "I appreciate a sensory pleasure and/or an emotional pleasure procured by one of my five senses."

Refers to: I love this scenery (eyesight), this perfume (sense of smell), chocolate (sense of taste), piano (sense of hearing), cuddle (sense of touch) 


2 " I principally appreciate the emotional pleasure procured by specific actions."

Refers to: I love to help people, to give presents, to take care of old people, to hunt, to kill...

3 " I appreciate things that satisfy my intellect, and/or my need of human relationships and games."

Refers to: I love Descartes, mathematics, my friend, football...


4 " I feel honey, I feel a powerful desire to make love with (..) "

Refers to: I want to make love, without a sentiment of love...

5 "I appreciate the sexual pleasure and well-being I share with my partner."

Refers to: I sexually need this person, because I feel good with him/her, I need him/her and I am jealous...


6 " I feel that my anima and my psyche is deeply attracted by this person..."

Refers to: I love (...) and I feel a vital need of this person, but I am not able to explain why..."

7 " "I feel a resonance with people connected to my family: relatives, parents or children."

Refers to: I love my parents, my children... which are 2 proclivities connected to the education and the survival of the species.

8 " I feel a resonance, devoid of need or motivation, with the things and the people for whom I feel an empathy, or sympathy. This feeling is not connected to any proclivity or personal desire."

Refers to: I LOVE


This verb indicates so many different things and emotions that it remains at least, 6 verbs to invent.

Note that a same situation can associate many of these meanings in the same time.

08 - The differences between universal love and Universal Love

My religious education has been very superficial, but I can remember that priests always answered my relevant questions with the following sentence: "This is a mystery, my son". This answer was completely unsatisfactory to me, because I have always been taught that what is clearly conceived can be clearly explained. The only exception is the disappearance of the Ego.

New Age groups do not answer "This is a mystery", but what they answer is similarly senseless: either they answer with assertions devoid of evidence, or with senseless complicated sentences -expressed by so-called masters-

Why are these assertions senseless?

Universal love exists: Buddhists call it "Metta" [benevolent love].

And I know it well because this love lives deeply inside me. Metta is -the way I feel it- a feeling of affinity, resonance, sympathy, relationship mixed together and associated to selfless benevolence towards anything. We can associate this feeling to the idea of "kindness". It is not an attribute limited to humankind: according to my experience, all beings of any level of life should be able to reach it. And more these beings are advanced, more the feeling of Metta should be developed. It belongs to the Manifested World.

The practice of this universal love -conceived the way the Indians end their prayers by "ALL MY RELATIVES"- must be encouraged because it induces Respect and Harmony. These values are intended to -I hope- substitute disrespect and discordance, generated by the topical ego tic competition, two values that are destroying the world. Moreover, the laws of resonance make that thoughts of love come back under the form of love.

Here is Metta:

Whereas Universal Love does not exist, or at least there are a very few probabilities it does.

On the one hand because the word "Universal" implies that it's a matter of Non-Manifested, the ONE, where lives the pure Bliss -which is not the same thing.

On the other hand if it exists, it would imply, regarding our human criterions -the only criterions we are able to use to communicate- the same benevolence of the Universe, or of the universes, towards individual creatures. Now if it is -in theory- possible that the Universe is able to develop itself regarding a plan that aims to be benevolent for everything, or for its entirety, it though remains a dubious and un-checkable hypothesis (which only is possible into the sphere of faith) which is constantly called into question by the experience.

While facts -ALL FACTS- clearly show, with no possible ambiguity, that the Universe -or the universe- is indifferent towards individual creatures. All the wise people I like to quote have observed this fact. Confucius said that: "Gods are not kind" and "Men are dogs of straw", Lao Tzu, Tahca Ushte, etc etc... All those sages, who have not been influenced by the Christian thought, have noticed it because it is obvious.

Universe and universe are not concerned by our personal preoccupations: if it rains, it is not by kindness for salads; and when an asteroid falls on the earth it is not by mischievousness towards humankind, or anything else!

Astronomers can constantly and everywhere watch collisions of galaxies, or explosions of stars. What we can objectively deduce is that Universe is a constant violent process of destruction/creation which absolutely does not consider the individual existence.

This faith is harmful because it represents an avatar of the Christian concept of "A Kind God", which is a satanic trick invented to enslave humankind. In the topical world, the idea of a kind god is overshadowed, and the myth of Universal Love took over; but the foundations remain the same.

I would like to add that the roots of this satanic concept is coming from the Middle East, because the religions of the Middle East have established the notion of FEAR, the concept of sin and a hope of Heaven to obtain a social submission. All these concepts, that are only mental projections, was unknown of most of the People (including us) before the process of Christianization.

However when New Age groups use the word Universal Love, which I fight, they arouse the cellular memory of their auditors who become automatically in resonance with these Satanic Catholic concepts.

09 - An Overview of different Sexuality Concepts

" Ideologies, customs, prejudices of any kind have always touched this very sensible topic -which has often been used as a "weapon" by the Powers: imperial, revolutionary, ecclesiastical, and medical/scientific. I do not aim to detail sexual mores through history and geography; it is just an overview, a kind of trip through time and space to help us to put things into their context:

Sexual hospitality was sacred in most of People of the Ancient Times: Egypt, Syria, Phoenicia, Cyprus, etc... And the tradition is still alive in the Eskimo People.

The Temple of Alexandria had 1.400 cells of "holy prostitutes" for the use of devout and strangers. These prostitutes were venerated as much as the nuns are nowadays.

In Phoenicia, the Law stipulated that all the women were common to every man, and that there should not have any distinction of fathers or children.

In the Antiquity, anal sexual relations was as common as vaginal relations for heterosexuals. In the American pre-Colombian ancient civilizations, the death penalty was inflicted for anal sexual relations during the period of maternal feeding. In Greece, only one sexual posture was advocated: both partners lying on the side, like a "spoon", because none of the lovers should "dominate" the other! Later, an opposite principle has justified the posture called the posture of "the missionary"!

About Polygamy: :
In Gaul, Bretons' wives that Cesar fought were common to clans composed of a dozen of men -brothers, fathers and son were sharing the same women.

Chinese Emperors' Harems, until the end of the Empire, were gathering one thousand concubines -chosen by the emperors' mothers.

The last Emperor of Morocco, Moolay Ismael, had 888 children.

A Russian woman has the female record with 69 babies and 27 pregnancies.

The legend says that John Kennedy had 1.800 mistresses: he was making love everyday."

Let's make a break: salvation-of-humans' exclusive interview of "Bar-Manu", that we finally were able to contact:
" All these Sapiens are impotents!"

wDraft by Magraner (1994) such as it has been seen on the spot, in September 1977, by shepherd Purdum Khan in Chitral District, North Pakistan at the altitude of 3.500m. You can observe the interesting peculiarity of this species which consists of an erectus penis (in permanent erection), like the Bushmen of Kalahari.

XxxXXUse this map if you want to meet it. However, it is preferable to bathe it before love! Information for crypto-zoology amateurs.

" According to the latest detailed scientific inquiry, borne on 20.000 French citizens aged 18-70 (Analysis of Sexual Behavior in France, or "ACSF Report", led by Pr. Spira on behalf of the French Government), the average French man (in 1993) had 13 partners during his whole life, and the French woman... 5! While less than 1% of the men had more than 100 partners. These figures are, of course, average rates because sexual activity is variable and increases with the level of studies: those who carried on their studies after the leaving-certificate, double the number of partners, on average...

At the Middle-Age, if a pregnant woman died when she was pregnant or while she was giving birth, the Catholic Church regarded her as a "Witch": the woman was impaled -with her "vampire-baby"... and she was banned of cemetery!

Until the sixteenth century, most of the priests had an official concubine (their sons were, in priority, ordained priests by the Pope)

All the Revolutions (France, USSR, China, etc...) have started by a sexual liberalization -which brings out energy... and were followed by a sexual coercion -which brings back the energy!

In Iran nowadays, women are banned of the swimming pools and... public buses!

In communist Romania, women had to tell their employer the date of their menstruations -to avoid voluntary abortion... and this process is still working in China... to force women to abortion!

Freud believed that clitoris pleasure was a sign of "immaturity", and several psychoanalyst women, of whom Princess Bonaparte, had their clitoris surgically resettled on the vagina... with no success! 4.000 women had this surgical operation in the USA!

In 1914, women consulted doctors... if they were feeling pleasure during sexual relations: feminine climax was seen as a sign of "hysteria" or "perversion". As a result they were pretending to... not enjoy sexual relations!

Recently, masturbation was still condemned. Now, all the experts admit that masturbation is a natural stage necessary to the development, preparing the sexual capacity, and facilitating the happening of the feminine climax. A masturbation ban multiplies by two the rate of feminine frigidity, generating a matrimonial dissatisfaction, or a divorce: this is the "perverse effect" of the ethic instructions exalting the abstinence!

The result is that nowadays, only 1/2 of French woman in her thirties can reach climax in a normal sexual relation. Amongst the others, 3/4 reach climax by a clitoris stimulation.

And we could carry on for a long time, stating a list of variations of sexual mores and their consequences... Everybody can remember the scandal provoked by the publication, in 1948, of the famous "Kinsey Report" about human sexual habits: Kinsey's study, based on sample of 15.000 Americans, showed that... 95% of them had regularly sexual practices considered, at this time, as "perverse"! For example: Oral sex, Anal sex, etc... And we know that in 1993, in France, 90% of the men and 85% of the women admitted having experienced, at least once in their life, oral sex. Nowadays, these sexual practices are quite common, on average: 1 out of two times.

Some prescriptions, still taught on ideological basis, are obsolete in the topical world: for example, if the Ban of contraceptives was applied, it would mean the "death sentence" for the whole humankind: if this ban was applied, in less than 200 years, the worldwide population would reach the density (on the whole emerged land of the Earth) of the subway during the rush hours! The only alternative to save the planet would be... a nuclear bomb or a vast epidemic! Fortunately, the impact of these prescriptions is... insignificant (!) -as shown by scientific studies-. These obsolete prescriptions have an impact neither on young believers, nor on agnostics. For example, today in France, 90% of the women and 93% of the men have their first sexual experience before getting married.

Seen on Trouvvv &

11 - Our Readers' Words

The importance of massage and physical contacts

The sane reaction of a friend of mine - JPH - , being aware of what kind of person he is.

" "A subject that could have concluded this webpage is the massage that is present nearly everywhere in the world, except in countries that call themselves civilized.

Massage, provided that it is performed by a person of the opposite sex, is the best way to get relaxes in order to develop and appease the senses, isn't it? This is the principle of tactile sensations through different styles of touch and caresses. Don't most the people, who emit absurd and senseless judgments about massage, get a selfish pleasure when they pat their puppies, do they?

What to do with a baby who is crying? And why does the baby cry? Because he needs a physical contact like caresses, and loving arms that will sweetly clasp him/her.

In the nature, animals also are in search on physical contacts.

In France, massage is a taboo that people automatically associate to sex, and the few institutes that provide this service are exorbitant. It is consonant with your subject, isn't it? If the essential contacts that soothe the nerves are eliminated (such as tenderness, love, sentimental or sexual relations), aggressiveness gains the upper hand and generates violence ".


11 - A Rough Sketch of Conclusion


The topical civilization's crisis, due to People not happy with their lives, have in sum only one primordial cause: people have forgotten the Nature and the meaning of Being, to substitute it with an artificial womb (your megalopolis) and the Assets (or if you prefer, the notion possession).

The topical civilization's crisis, due to People not happy with their lives, have in sum only one primordial cause: people have forgotten the Nature and the meaning of Being, to substitute it with an artificial womb (your megalopolis) and the Assets (or if you prefer, the notion possession).

This is the reason why all the Occidental Judeo-Christian People is pathologically aggressive, whilst generally all the People that have not been suffered the influence of a coercive sex -show no symptom of aggressiveness.

As far as the abuses of a sane use of aggressiveness have generated a total reject of it, sexuality has borne the same fate in our occidental culture, as follows of abuses or misunderstandings! One more time, it would be wise to understand that it would be as much fool to totally condemn it, as to unreservedly approve it: neither fight it, nor ignore it, nor passively bear it... just "domesticate" it! Do not grip the steering wheel, do not let go of it, but just hold it with your hands to control your driving/behavior.

And this is not the case in many Oriental cultures; for example, Tantrism considers sexuality as a privileged way to access spirituality. Nowadays, I don't think it is necessary to underline the fact that sexuality can not be reduced to a species' reproduction function, without being opposed to the Nature's plans -which tried hard to create specific organs of pleasure, with a dense local innervations and a range of desire, well-being and excitation neuro-mediators, stressing on the affective and social relations functions generated by sexual activity.

This shows that sex, which is a procreant function, is also (and I think first of all) a function of social and individual harmony & sanity.

In the past (in ancient civilization such as Greece and Egypt), it resulted that prostitution was taking place in the Temples with young ladies who were by all means educated: at this time, sex was considered as a sacred deed that was integrated in a living spirituality, and not disconnected from the body. I wish this could be restored!

Confer, with the studies on the "Bonobos", these amazing monkeys that make love like us but where males are devoid of possessiveness towards females, and as result -counter to the other chimpanzees- are not aggressive.

A foundation is being prepared to allow a great gathering of humanitary energies,

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