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Sex and Society

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...... Home page.

Objectives and understanding of the site. Become aware of all the psychic implants. Solve the dilemma of your imminent future.

The spirit of the site. Together, let's create a Radiant Future ! Let's find again the meaning of the true Life, sound, simple and free.

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...Chapter I: Presentation.

I-01 : Why this website ?

I-02 : The Challenge - Join and help us.

I-03 : Be partners in this successful website.

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...Chapter II: Actual World.

II-01: The need of another look at the world. Your current civilisation does not only wants to standardize you, it is also taking the whole Living on your planet, and also claiming to modify it: All organisms (vegetals, animals, humans) are "resources to exploit" for it - besides, as nature in it's whole - and this regardless of all consideration other than the "profits race"...

II-02: Exit your indoctrination. A fight against the ideas of misinformation. For reasons we don't want judge, you are the object of a constant misinformation which blinds you. Amongst the opinions you can hear every day, you often can hear common speeches similar to the one below, and here is what you should answer...

II-03: Consequence of Mind control and brainwashing, the "serf-veaux". A spontaneous mutation of homo sapiens appeared during 19th and 20th centuries in all the large earthly megalopolis, Humans' DNA getting adapted to this new environment...

II-04: The " Masters of the World's plan." The New World Order: The 12 steps of the "Masters Of the World" 's Plan.

II-05: Absolute Badness and danger. Towards an psycho-remote-controlled society, or the danger of dehumanization in an absolute order, in the name of freedom and of the fight against the evil.

II-06: Your civilization's fundamental mistake. The just basis to escape the actual crisis and to found a new durable civilization...

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Chapter III: Humor.

III-01: "Som-nana", an anti-brainwashing magic elixir. The top of the comic characterized by the absurd ! ...

III-02: Support our candidate at US & others presidential elections. A call for support to our permanent candidate of IIIth millennium

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.....Chapter IV: Foods, a disaster.

IV-01: The consequences of our food on our external and internal ecology. My forest for an hamburger !

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..Chapter V: E.Ts & Other Dimensions.

V-01: E.Ts, UFOs and lies, the conspiracy is not that you think. Contacts with Aliens or Other Dimensions...

V-02: Golden Age and our imagination. The times of the cosmic origins. It was the sacred time of our origins, the one where nature was still clean of all sacrificial blood ...

V-03: Man's place in the Universe, understand what is the Consciousness-Life-Energy. To study Cosmos, amounts to study ourselves...

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.... Chapter VI: The Forgotten Past History.

VI-01: A warning coming from your remote history. Mayas, Aztecs, Hopis, and many other People, still remember the 4 humanities preceding you as well as the causes of their almost complete destruction...

VI-02: A very old past. Essay on the true history of man

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..... Chapter VII: Nature.

VII-01: Dragonfly, to see Mother-Source present in all things.

VII-02 : Sacred trees of our woods and orchards.

VII-03 : Our brothers animals and another way of life.

VII-04: Splendor of microcosm, or matter is composed by fractal structures at all his levels.

VII-05: If I tell you that there are witches and elephants in the sky... the splendor of macrocosm.

VII-06: See with the eye of the heart - Great paintings. Discover the soul of the nature with a new glance.

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. Chapter VIII: Projects.

wProject 1: protecting nature to save humanity.

VIII-01: Feel the spirit of a virgin tropical rain forest. Khao Phra Thaew Wildlife and Forest Park a wonder of nature.

VIII-02: Absolute necessity to preserve the world's Asian natural heritage. Specificity of the flora and fauna of the Southeast Asia.

VIII-03: An opportunity to position yourselves as true nature's problems solvers. In today's world, as we will demonstrate, it becomes increasingly beneficial to consider investing in nature's conservation, protection of the species threatened by extinction, and education on these subjects...

Project 2: Eco Villages without ideology.

VIII-04: the Villages of Wholesome Life. Our aim is to create genuine small villages where life can be pleasant, healthy and autonomous. It concerns to create a viable alternative for all those who wish to change -or just experiment- a very new way of life, with absolutely no ideology. We do not want to create a village to show something, such as a theory, or to live a special experience such as the new age communities suggest. We simply want that people find a feeling of total well-being and can achieve to live the life they've always been dreaming about.

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.. .Chapter IX: Wisdom.

IX-01: The teaching of the two Great Snakes from Orient and Occident, 21 seeds for the next age. The Meaning we can express is not the Eternal Meaning...

IX-02: Restore the Respect as the supreme value. As the Dalai Lama reminds us "Respect is the Supreme Value", but it's 40 generations that westerners have been cultivating Disrespect about anything -and anyone- that is not "Them"; and the worst point is that they are proud to behave disrespectfully.

IX-03: How to Restore the Harmony. The confiscation and the divertions of the real faith about Judaism, Christianity and New Age...

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.Chapter X: Sexology and society.

X-01: Sex is not what you think. William Prescott. What is the meaning of love.

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. Chapter XI: Cosmos University

XI-01: Introduction - Cosmic Rules. 1st. Western Man has dreams of power that give him the desire to "conquer" Space, similarly like when Europeans "discovered" the American continent, in the past: and this is to increase his living space and his wealth. He is also driven by the awareness that the Earth may become inhospitable by his Own fault, and He is now in search of an "alternative solution".

XI-02: Course 1 - Found your life on the right basis. A just foundation of Life simply needs to become conscious of a few things that are...

XI-03: Course 2 - Towards a Superior State of Conscience. The Resolution, or how to fight Evil. Acquiring the 8 fundamental qualities. What way do you have to follow? .

XI-04: Course 3 - Acquisition of the shamanic conscience. The shamanic conscience's characteristics.How to acquire the shamanic conscience. .

XI-05: Course 4 - How to reach the Absolute. That is acquiring the Bodhisattvic Conscience, by totally freeing yourself from the material world: this is the condition that makes possible to not re-incarnate in this world, and to access to the Absolute Conscience within the spiritual world...

XI-06: Course 5 - The fundations of an authentic civilization. Definition of the civilization. Analysis of the two types of civilizations' values and their mutations. Then, why the cities?Analysis of the positive and the negative aspects of these two types of civilization, and conclusion.

XI-07: Course 6 - The model of eco-development: the "Children of the earth"'s civilization. The American Indians' Rehabilitation. 500 years of Indian resistance.The ecological teaching of the primal People. Wisdom of the primal People. The primal People's excellent techniques of management of the nature.

XI-08: Course 7 - Definition of an authentic civilization: " Children of The Cosmos". The basis of the civilization type 3. Founding of the civilization type 3. What will be the civilization type 3? The 5 important consequences of the spiritual values about the lay life in the civilization type 3.

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Chapter XII: Galactic Federation

XII-01: - Report R/S3-002. Synthesis Report of the Mission R/S3- 002.

XII-02: - Danger. Report R/S3- 003 on the terrestrial techno-sciences.

XII-03: - Psy Forces. Report R/S3-004 on the terrestrial psycho-sciences.

XII-04: - Mission. The Galactic Federation, after an exceptional meeting with the Senior-Staff of the Psycho-forces Specialized in the Frontiers' Security Service, considers...

XII-05: - Warning. We must learn to live together as brothers otherwise we will die together as idiots MLK ....

XII-06: - The Call. Evaluation of the chances of success for the mission s3-005.

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;;;; The Red Track

Homage to Buddy Red Bow. Tribute to my sioux friends, Buddy Warfield Red Bow, Francis White Bird, The truth about Native Indians, Meeting with a shaman, Joseph Epes Brown.

All the native indian articles and texts, itinerary of a state of mind... (coming soon)

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South-East Asian Tiger

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